My usual Good vs. Bad review (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You have been warned)


 So, I have been following and waiting for this game almost a year and must say, I have a lot of mixed emotions... This game is good, actually, it's great! But there are some things that kinda make it frustrating and avoidable... Want to know what those things are? Find out in my Good vs Bad review! 

The Good: 
~ The games graphics and sounds are great, as well as the animations. Each character has many emotions, and all are shown as realistically as possible, meaning there aren't just flapping lips and a straight face whenever a character is talking. While playing I also haven't noticed any of the frame-rate issues I have heard about. 

~ While on the topic of sound is the soundtrack, which is personally one of my favorite game soundtracks of all time. However, if you don't like metal, the soundtrack may not meet your liking... 

~ The voice acting in the game is as great as you've most likely heard. Starring the vocal talents of Jack Black, Lita Ford, Ozzy, and more. 

~ The single player gameplay and difficulty on all modes is pretty fair. The story alone lasts about the average 6-7 hours. Doing the side-missions and finding all the extras can boost that from 15-20. Controls are also easy to get use to and there isn't a lot to press and do if you so choose, even the combos are short and made relatively easy to remember. 

~ There are only 2 weapons (the Axe and 'Clementine' the Guitar), but there are many different kinds of them that you can buy in the shop. There are also many vehicle attachments and special moves to buy. 

~ The open world of Brutal Legend is pretty epic. It has 5 areas with that home different kinda of enemies, animals, and friendly characters. 

The Bad: 
~ The multiplayer is bugged. When trying to connect to a match, many times the will disconnect from the game no matter how good their connection is. This only seems to be a problem with the PS3 version, because I rented the 360 version just to try it and there were no problems. 
Perhaps it will be patched but for now it isn't so it takes the hit. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend this game. Especially if you like metal music, a good laugh, gore, and a pretty decent story. 8.5 outta 10.