Wow what else can you say about this game but its just to darn good. This is one of the only games in its genre that keeps improving and never get dull. In this platformers you play as both Ratchet & Clank in two different storyline's. With abouth 15hrs of gameplay you can go flying through spach in ratchet spaceship or do the side missions that are set up for you or even land on a moon and take it over. Just kidding on the last part. But what you can do is limitless buy weapons and armor and update your wepons to lv 5 for more power. Try to find all the Gold blots to unlock playable skins and the Zoin to update you spaceship. Travel in time with the dynamic duo and save time with your new hover boots. Beat the game play threw the challenge mode and solve all of Clanks puzzles to make our daddy happy. But with this games nice storyline, unlockables, gameplay, graphics, & easy trophies its deserves all its points to a 9.75 rating. So pick it up sometime and play threw it. I promise you will love it. -- RUIAlKyder


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