Mabye it is because I have grown up in the era of the FPS and the TPS (Third-Person-Shooter), but Dead space extraction was my first experience with a on rails first person shooter, and I slightly regret even renting this one. 

Dead space is a I.P that has evreything gong for it. A originial Idea, great support from the biggest names in videogames, fantastic critic reviews, a gorgeous sequel in the making, and a already gargantuan fanbase. So what part of that justifies such a lukewarm game? I think what made the originial dead space so good, and so damn scary,  was that the game gave you control, and let you fight for your life how you wanted to, and take it at your own speed, while still following a streamlined path. Dead space extraction completly scraps that sense of pace, for a rushed attempt to attract the wii audience to the new series. The bigget issue with extraction, is the controls. Despite the cloverfeild-like feel to the game, you really and truly have NO control over you're character's speed. And when stopping for valuable loot, you are given 5 seconds to scan the screen searching for that vital small heath container that will barley keep you alive, and you typicially do not have the time to grab it. One good aspect of the game, is that it follows and expands on dead space's rich mythology, and introduces good characters who are actually able to speak this time around. ( No offense to Isacc Clarke, he is the new master chief)

Because it is a on-rails-shooter, the player is unable to control the path of the character, but what they are given control of is the aiming reticle, wich takes up roughly 1/6 of the screen, and is a constant annoyance. Another major problem is the secondary fire function, while often much more effective than the normal fire, triggering secondary fire puts far to much strain on the player. Because to activate secondary fire functions, the will remopte must be turned on it's side, and kept in that postition. Eventually, you're wrists will grow tired and you find thaty you are unwilling to endure any more strain to activate secondary fire. 

Dead space overall is one of, the best new I.P's of the last 5 years, but only for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, in no way should "Scariest game ever made" Translate into a console designend with 5 year olds in mind.

Dead space extraction gets 6.75 strained wrists, out of ten