For those of you looking for a great prequel to the Xbox 360 and PS3's smash hit Dead Space I regret to inform you that you will be disappointed. Dead Space: Extraction isn't a bad game it is in fact a average on-rails shooter but it does lack alot of the qualities that Dead Space had. The tense and suspenseful atmosphere being one of the main ones.

     Well we all know what happens to the graphics of a game when it makes the transition to the Wii console and while the graphics are toned down they are surprisingly above average for a console like the Wii. One of the main aspects that I found amazing are the animations of enemies and characters especially since you're literally trying to rip your enemy apart limb by limb.

     For all of you Sound Guys you will be pleased to know that Dead Space: Extraction has great voice work unlike other games -cough- House of The Dead 2 -cough-. This came as quite a surprise to me because seeing how other games turned out I sadly didn't expect much from this neat shooter but that only goes to show that you can't judge a peanut by it's shell.

     Like all rail shooters the action in this game is scripted which sadly gives this on-rails shooter a moderately low replay value. Sadly none of the fights I was challenged with really had me on my toes trying to pull off the impossible.

     Well we covered pretty much everything but the main question Dead Space fanatics want to know is does the game as a whole live up to its original? Sadly it doesn't but it does have a lot of potential hidden under the scripted firefights. Maybe something will be in store for a sequel.... This game doesn't have the tense scary atmosphere that Dead Space had but it should still be checked out if you are a fanatic of rail shooters like myself.