Since Halo: Combat Evolved, "The Master Chief" phenomenon has swept the gaming community off of its feet over and over again.  We just can't resist the unmerciful beating that the Chief delivers to the now cowering and defeated covenant army.  Halo gives the perfect mix of story line, playability, and user freedom.  You are not bound to one road, you can do whatever you want and move on at your own pace.  The story may be confusing at times, but since all of the games from the original trilogy are so addicting, you can make sense of everything when you play it a second time, or a third and so on.  Simply being able to jump ten feet in the air and then epically land in the middle of a group of unsuspecting grunts, then proceeding to blow all their heads off, will exhilarate even the worst of gamers.  Also, it gives the players the freedom to do the objective in any way that they want, whether it be the direct route or some strange twisted way. 

I believe there are three elements that make Halo 3 totally unique to the players. 

First is the characters, Master Chief, the invincible Spartan soldier that makes even the most grown and tough man seem like an unborn baby fetus, and Sergeant Avery Johnson, the rough and tough friend of the Chief.  Just seeing The Chief run through a crowd of soldiers, spraying the enemy with lead, makes me want to yell like Leonidas.  Part of what keeps people connected to this series, is just knowing that its all going to be alright, Master Chief is on your side. Sergeant Johnson will always make me laugh, I love his wise-cracks, although sometimes inappropriate, and battle humor.  This combination of two touch soldiers, plus a comedic element, makes every moment even more exciting.

Second, the vehicle element completely changes the gaming experience.  I feel as if most people enjoy driving a warthog around and splattering enemies as their friend blows the rest away with a turret rather than running across an incredibly complex and large map.  This is unique to Halo because of the way they created said vehicles.  Each one is uniquely fit to a certain purpose and will aid you in completing nearly any objective.

Third would be the story line. However confusing, it will all make sense once you beat the game.  If it is still confusing, then play it again, then you won't be able to stop, but you will get it.  Building off of the first to games, you were probably expecting another Halo, but they gave you something even better!  Having to fight on your home planet of Earth, (finally!) you end up leaving again after about four levels, and guess what, the flood are back!  The flood are introduced early in this game, in the first two being introduced in the last part, you get to switch to brute shot and shotgun right away.  As you fight through both the flood and the covenant, uncovering the secrets of the forerunners is exciting to say the least.  I was jumping up and down in my seat like a little schoolboy when I saw The Ark.  I really enjoyed the reuniting of Master Chief and 343 Guilty Spark, otherwise known as Sparky.  His betrayal put a damper on my spirits, but my frown turned upside down when Johnson handed me a spartan laser.  Much to my surprise, and delight, I got to relive that incredible ending-scene-insane-warthog-driving section from the first game!  Although I was not entirely pleased with the ending, it gives way for more things to happen for the Chief, I mean, someones going ot find him out there, right?  Well at least I know he's not dead, that would have made many people angry.

Bungie did a great job in the end, giving some people the answer to the question, "what would happen if the war ended?"  Of course, when I saw the 117 etched on the rock, a tear almost went down my cheek.  Our "fallen" hero is not around anymore.  Overall, I had a great time playing this game, I lost count how many times i replayed the story mode before moving on to the multiplayer mode.  Halo 3 is a genius game, if i were Bungie, I wouldn't change anything about it for future releases.  I give Halo 3 a perfect ten out of ten, just from the story and plotline, because of its cleverly combined elements and addictingly fantastic experience.