Halo 3 is the single greatest game you can own on your Xbox 360 console. It is well worth it's price and comes with many features that will keep you playing for years to come. With an amazing campaign, exciting multiplayer, and fun features like Custom Games, Forge, and Theater mode this game will give you plenty to do.

Campaign 8.5/10

    The Campaign in Halo 3 was an exciting conclusion to the Halo Trilogy. It kept you pumped right up 'til the end. It's ending leaves room for a sequel to continue the story of the Master Chief. However this storyline was somewhat short compared to Halo: CE and Halo 2. This may have been due to the fact that Bungie had to put much more work into this game than any game before with it's addition of Theater and Forge.

Multiplayer 10/10

    Halo 3's multiplayer system improves significantly from Halo 2. With the addition of armor customization with armor perms as well as extra ways to choose your own color scheme for you Spartan or Elite, you really can make your own unique soldier. The game also features a military style ranking system (using Microsoft's TruSkill system), allowing you to start as a recruit and work your way up to a General. You can play in Ranked or Social gametypes depending on if you wish to play competitively or for recreation. Halo 3 also features a variety of playlists to suit the kind of gametype or team setup you want. These playlists change every so often and new playlists are added and removed from time to time. A special Double Exp playlist occurs from Thursday to Sunday including unique gametypes such as "Living Dead" and "Grifball". Halo 3's multiplayer is great and is likely the best on the 360.

Custom games, Forge, and Theater 10/10

    Halo 3 includes something no other game has, the ability to truly create unlimited custom gametypes and maps. In the Custom Games lobby you alter every aspect of the rules. You can change the objective score, the time limit, etc. The one feature which it lacks (which was most likely overlooked) is the ability to remove the "Assassinate ability" (an instant kill you execute by meleeing the enemy in the back).

    Forge is Bungie's single most amazing idea ever.In forge mode you can arrange objects within a map in any way you see fit. Originally intended to be an object placement editor, Forge evolved (thanks to Foundry and later Sandbox) into something close to a map editor. Within Foundry and Sandbox you may place objects such as boxes, ramps, and walls to create a map of your own! Forge mode is also very easy to use and allows for endless possibilities. From Bungie.net you can download Maps (as well as gametypes, films, and screenshots) that other players created and play them on your Xbox 360! Forge is an amazing feature that was a fantastic idea. Bungie really outdid themselves with it.

    Theater was a feature that is just as fantastic as Forge. This feature allows you to view recent games as films so you can replay every moment of the game! Not only that, but you can record clips and take screenshots! If that wasn't enough, Bungie even gives you the "File Share" ability. Allowing you to upload up to 6 files (including films, clips, screenshots, gametypes, and maps) for your friends and recent players to view, download, and share with other friends! From Bungie.net you can view tens of thousands of files from other players, even rate, comment, and download them to your 360! File sharing is an outstanding feature that all future Halo titles should have.