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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

     What I played of this game looked interesting, but not addictive like GTA IV. The graphics are some of the worst I`ve seen, but I can`t blame it since it`s on Nintendo DS. The gameplay is a bit difficult because it has the new view from above (it`s on the other games but almost nobody uses it). The sound is good. The first thing I did in the game was get me a police chase, this was not as entertaining as the other chases on the GTA series. I couldn`t do any mission since the DS ran out of charge, but as much as I played I don`t recommend this game for any GTA console-series fan. I hope the PSP version is going to be better than this.

  • I will have to totally disagree with you on this one.  If you gave the game more time, you would see the amount of gameplay options that China Town Wars has. In addition, this isn't a reliable review considering that you haven't played the game all the way through.  I would recommend finishing a game before you actually review it.


      Well I`m reviewing what I played. I don`t have a DS, but my cousin (who has this game) says the game sucks and I played like an hour. Anyway I`ll make a full review when I get this game for PSP.

  • yea you really should have played longer. I personally thought it was interesting to see GTA return to the classic view for the DS. It would have been possible for them to go 3D like the soon to be released cop the recruit, but the camera angle they chose gives the game a unique feel considering they kept all the new aspects of the game that they added in GTA IV like the health bar. Also the new cop chases are very fun and it would be cool to see them in up coming console releases for the game, since it takes out the cat and mouse aspect of the chase and makes it feel more like you are attacking the police rather than running. So yea you should really give it another try.

  • @Exxile

     I`ll give it another try, but not on the DS, on the PSP. I`ve never been a DS fan.