User Discussion is back after a few week break, and we've gotten a great selection of questions and answers here. This week is all about a little feature that is slowly gaining popularity amongst Sony and Nintendo products: Cross play. Thanks for reading, and enjoy.

What do you think of cross platform play?

It's an interesting idea but it's still years before we can really judge it's impact on, say, the Vita and PS3. If I could crossplay Killzone Mercenary maps with someone playing Killzone 3 on PS3, that would be amazing, but as it is, most cross-play titles for either Nintendo or Sony are limited to co-op games or rare titles like Monster Hunter and Playstation Battle Royale (or whatever it's ridiculous name was). - Paradigmthefallen

Cross platform play is a great way for gamers to be able to experience the same stories and gameplay at a lower cost for entry (i.e. the purchase of a new gaming console). - Our Lady of Truth

Cross platform play is a great feature that really expands the use of handheld devices and tablets. One of my personal biggest reasons for soon purchasing a Wii U is because I'll be able to play a console-quality Monster Hunter game on the toilet. How great is that?! Not to mention that this feature helps free up the television for your family to use. A win for everyone. - This World Begins With (???)

I feel that cross platform play is something that I would love the industry to embrace but it's unlikely ever to happen. Say, for instance, Call of Duty went cross platform. This would mean that I, on my Xbox One, could play Call of Duty with you on your PS4. While great for me as a consumer (I don't have to buy the same console as my friends if I want different exclusives or I don't have to buy both consoles!) both Microsoft and Sony lose profit in this situation. Not to mention the difficulty of coordinating a subscriber-based system such as Xbox Live with the free service on PC, Playstation, and the Wii U. However, it would still be awesome for the console gamer to enjoy their gamerscore/trophies, ease of use, and the general experience consoles offer to be able to play games with the pc gamer who wants the power and flexibility of his pc. - Black Rook
Do you think that more companies should use it in order to promote underperforming devices such as the Vita and Wii U?
It has the potential to boost Vita sales, something it really needs. - Kira
Due to the differing goals of the devices and the benefits gained through cross platform play, companies need to start implementing cross platform play between platforms such as the Vita and PS3/4 or the Wii U and the 3DS. - Black Rook

I'm not too sure if companies should use the feature as a selling point for their devices, though. As great as it is to have the ability to switch between devices while playing, it can be harmful to market your $200+ gaming hardware product as simply a streaming device. Ask the Vita. - This World
However, when it comes to the selling of gaming console then companies have to create their own unique, exciting and exclusive gaming content is the only way to get your foot in the door of any gamer's home and this applies includes underselling consoles. - Our Lady of Truth
Have you heard about the PS Vita TV If so, what do you think about it?
I have not heard of PS Vita TV - Our Lady of Truth
The Vita TV? Please, tell me more. - TW
For those who don't know, the PS Vita TV is a micro console (About the size of a deck of cards) that allows you to play PSVita, PSP, and PS1 games on a full size television with a PS3/4 controller. Due to the fact that the controllers do not have a touchscreen, however, some games are not supported. Unfortunately, then, you won't be seeing Tearaway on a flat screen.
Yes I have. I think it sounds okay as a budget console, I'm still unclear how some touch functionality is supposed to work with a Dualshock 3 controller though. - Paradigmthefallen
Our Answers
Cross platform play is really an unrealized potential in gaming. When I heard that Super Smash Bros. would not be utilizing said possibility with the Wii U and 3DS, I thought it was crazy. The potential is limitless for such an idea. There could be bonus stages or characters that you can only unlock with both versions of the game, and yet, Nintendo didn't see this opportunity. I think it would be far more beneficial for both handhelds and consoles to integrate better use of cross platform play. Furthermore, it would hopefully eliminate handheld to console ports, something that I think is highly unnecessary. I'd rather see money go towards new games and ideas rather than just a quick cash grab.  In the long run, I don't see a down side to cross platform for the Vita or the Wii U, I just see it as boasting sales and providing attention to the struggling consoles. - RedQueen
I really like the idea of cross platform play, in every sense that it means. I loved how PS3 and PC players could play Lost Planet 2's MP together (It's the only game I know that does), and the connectivity between iOS and Android is getting close. 

Seeing as that's all Sony's done to promote the Vita since November... I'd say it's pretty ineffective.

I feel like the only one who has heard about the Vita TV... Nevertheless, I really like the idea of it. It's one way that people get to enjoy the Vita's great library for only $100. I really hope Sony decides to localize it (Currently it's only available in Japan). I'd buy one on day one, even if some games get taken out of the loop. - Myself
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