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User Discussion - Part 5 (Season Finale)

Welcome back to the fifth and final episode for the season! It's been a lot of fun, writing these. Thanks again to RedQueen and all of the participants in the series. This episode, we will discuss reboots. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for next season!

How do you feel about reboots?

It depends on the quality of the reboot, and what's being rebooted. If the reboot is well-made and brings something new to the series, while still feeling like the series, its good. If it doesn't do those things, it sucks. - Kira

I don't mind a reboot if it's similar to an upgrade. Say something from the PS one, for example. If a company takes the graphics and the controls, and makes them less ugly and complicated, then there's not a problem. However, I don't believe that a reboot should be used just because a company is out ideas. I view it as something that's become annoying of late. Look at the top games from last year. Many of them were new stories and concepts, which is great.  - Writergirl2394

Well, the way I generally feel about reboots is hard to say actually. The easiest way for me to phrase this is that, in most situations, I have little to no care about the choice to create a reboot for a franchise; it's what comes afterward that matters to me. Reboots generally show a desire to expand an audience of an existing franchise or to bring that franchise to a new audience, correct? At the same time, there also needs to be a certain level of respect and reverence shown to the original series. After all, if that series didn't exist at all, then this reboot wouldn't even have ever existed in the first place. When I see a reboot, there are expectations I hold that most of what I just mentioned should end up happening. With that in mind actually, I do think it's quite easier to say my opinion on reboots. Frankly, they tend to be rather divisive, and for good reason. - MysteryWolf

I think reboots are fine IF they expand on content from the original. A reboot must stay loyal to the formula that made the original good while changing the flaws. - Warrior

Do you think there has been too many?

Sometimes something new is a flop, but I'd rather see that than the same old dungeon crawler that we've had for years. I mean, don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed a Zelda game or two, but I don't look back at them with the fondness many others do because they're all similar to me. - Writergirl2394

It doesn't feel like there has been too many reboots yet. I do think they should stop rebooting things that don't need to rebooted though. - Kira

Ehhhh..... there hasn't been that many. - Warrior
I can say with most certainty that I have seen too many reboots that "expand to fit a new audience" to the point where the only thing it can claim in common to have with the original series is the name. The things that made the series so special in the first place are often discarded without much thought or care. Not only that, but there have even been two-bit studios who've been lucky enough to head these reboots that have actually had the gall to completely insult the original series, to act like complete children because their "artistic vision" of something that is truly not, nor will ever be, theirs is being mocked. If reboots are going to continue being handled in such a way without any punishment by the industry, then there will certainly always be too many. Until there is a time where reboots can change from such things, I will be hard-pressed to view them in any relative form of a positive light, regardless of their level of quality. - MysteryWolf

Would you rather see new IPs instead of reboots?

I wanna see more new IPs. We need new smash hits from all 3 companies (Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo). I think PC could use more new IPS, too. - Warrior

In a perfect world where it could actually happen, I would actually want to completely replace reboots with new IPs or an actual continuation of the franchise through a prequel or sequel, though I won't talk about that second part now. Wait, what did I mean by, "where it could actually happen"? Well, I really don't believe we could consistently have new IPs be released and have the quality of them stay at a constant level, disregarding if they were ever good in the first place or not. I mean, there are already studios that are capable of doing this without much problem, but they are more the exception than the rule. Like I said, if I believed it could happen, I would really push for it to happen, but until then I will just enjoy the new IPs that we get while doing my best to stand all the reboots that do get released. It's not even really like I can complain about much other than my aforementioned problems with reboots though, as there certainly isn't a lack of new IPs in the industry, people just don't often look for them before they decide that the industry is stagnating. - MysteryWolf

A new IP is usually exciting. Does anyone remember when you saw the first screenshots of Bioshock's rapture? Do you remember the feeling of, "Oh my God, this is amazing!"? I enjoy that feeling. Sure, sometimes it's unfortunate that an IP isn't as good as people thought it would be, but credit where it's due, it's different. - Writergirl2394

Yes, I would rather see new IP's instead of reboots, because some "reboots" have felt way more like new IP's than new incarnations of the source material. - Kira

Do you think that some franchises should be allowed to die instead of being rebooted?

I believe there some franchises that should just die instead of being rebooted. For example, the recent Thief reboot was very disappointing. Dishonored was a better "reboot" of Thief than actual reboot! On the other hand, there are many reboots that took a series that I felt should have been allowed to die, and made it awesome again. Games like Mortal Kombat 9, Tomb Raider,Castlevania: Lord of Shadows, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown have taken dying series and made them great again. As long as we get more good reboots, I don't mind if series get them. - Kira
I often look at very long lived franchises(mostly Nintendo games) and wonder when the franchise will die. How long will it take before they run out of ideas worth doing? How long will it take fans to stop asking? I feel like playing the same game over and over again will sooner or later get boring, or the developer won't meet that same amazement and wonder of the first iteration. A series that knows when and where to end is a series I can respect, even if I really want to keep playing. And I will because I can whenever I want. - Writergirl2394

Well, well, this actually plays into something I mentioned earlier. My best way to start this answer is to ask, "Are these franchises truly dying when they are rebooted?" You ask the question as though all franchises that get rebooted are dying, when I would actually say that is hardly the case. If anything, these reboots happen after a franchise has already faded away until the reboot was used to try and help bring it back. Heck, sometimes a franchise isn't even dying or even close to being dead when it's rebooted. For a specific example, look at Devil May Cry. The title before the reboot was actually the highest selling in the series as confirmed by Capcom themselves. Of course though, being Capcom, they wanted more and so they made the decision to create the reboot in hopes that it would sell even more, in the process releasing the lowest selling title in the series. So, it's hard to actually answer the question in the way I'm sure is wanted, but I can say that regardless of a franchise's status, it does not have to be rebooted. For example, look at Deception IV: Blood Ties. It's a title that I would say tries to do things that reboots generally do with series, such as get a generally larger audience, yet it is still a sequel that is true to its series through and through. I know that it might not be the best example to support this idea, especially since the game's financial success is something that is currently unknown, but despite that I believe that if that game is capable of doing such a thing, then I don't see why other sequels and prequels can't do the same to a series without the need for reboots. - MysteryWolf

I don't think a franchise should die but if a series ended on such a great note then it shouldn't be brought back UNLESS it was totally necessary. Like fans kept demanding it or maybe the developers miss the franchise. - Warrior
Our Answers

Reboots, are always a 50/50 bet. Not only for the company developing it, but for the fans as well. There doesn't seem to be any direct middle ground with reboots, you either love it or you hate it. Quite frankly, developers are going to make what sells, and that's part of the reason why we have so many sequels and reboots. Now, I am in no way saying that's a bad thing, however, I think to an extent, that there are too many reboots.  Sometimes, a series just needs to be apart of gaming history and never have an entry made again. I won't name names, but I would much prefer that certain games were never rebooted and instead just left to die, especially when their latest entry wasn't that bad, and it certainly left the franchise on a high note. While I thought, quite frankly, that it's reboot was a terrible attempt to modernize a franchise that actually made you think, and instead, turned it in to a brainless shooter with some of the easiest (and annoying) puzzles in a game I've played. It went for shock value over being actually good. 

This is were I think that developers could use a little variety, instead of rebooting an old franchise and giving it new elements and gameplay only to slap a familiar name on it is a bad idea. I would much prefer that they just use those new elements in a new IP rather than  ruin an established franchise with elements that just don't belong there. This is why I have a certain amount of respect for Capcom about 10 years ago, (or whenever the first Devil May Cry game came out). Devil May Cry was born out of ideas that they wanted to implement into Resident Evil. They didn't use those ideas though, because they didn't fit within the existing universe of the Resident Evil franchise, and thus Devil May Cry was born. I'm not excusing their latest blunders and what not, I am however, giving them cookies for making a new IP instead of forcing an existing one to change. - RedQueen
It depends on the game. Sometimes, (in the case of Tomb Raider) it can spark interest in a series I never got into previously. Other times, though, like with the -thankfully- forgotten Jak and Daxter reboot, it can totally kill a franchise. Honestly, I don't think there have been so many reboots as HD remakes. I'm all for both, but there are a few games that I really wish could be brought back as either a reboot or remake.

With the new consoles, many new IPs have been announced. I think we are good in that regard for now, so I think I'd rather see reboots at the moment.

Sonic. That is all. - Myself
Thanks once again for reading! It's been a lot of fun, as I previously stated. Thanks to Jane Shepard, Paradigmthefallen, Carson, Hawke, Warrior, J Warrior, This World, nightcrawlerash13, Saint, OG NIK, VannahFox, Thomas Stensland, Vaas, Kira, Tim Gruver, Adam Kaye, zbad805, and RedQueen. Have anything to add to the conversation? Comment below!