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The 4th Floor: Season 3 Episode 1: Ushering In A New Dynasty

I realize as I post this, that some, if not most of you reading this are not even sure what The 4th Floor is, or was, or why it's at Season 3 when those other guys on The Jacked Up Indie and Mojo show are pretty much the top podcast in these parts. Because of that, this episode of my podcast is more of a reintroduction. Old friends and fans will probably be saddened to hear that my old co-host Liz is no longer a part of the show, but I've wrangled in another female, and this time she just so happens to be the mother of two children, of which I get to be the father, at least custodially speaking, as in custody of where children live, as in if you need more information google it!

The direction of the show as some of you will notice is more constructive, in terms that we will be discussing issues from a more focused stand point, that of parents living in a 24/7 connected world. These topics will probably not vary too much from what the show touched on in the past, but the way in which we provide insight will hopefully be, at least on this site, somewhat unique as parents of two children. For now enjoy the show, and don't forget to subscribe to iTunes, like us on Facebook, and of course listen to us regularly!