Ladies and gentlement of GIO, it gives me great pleasure to at last announce the commencement of the greatest GIO joint blog of the century! Without further ado, may I introduce you to the fighter blog in which everything isn’t real, but the pain of defeat is. Here, we match virtual brawn and real brains alike in a fantasy fighter mash-up paradise of original fighter characters created by our finest 31/31 bloggers. They’ve all engaged or are engaging as we speak in a GIO tradition: blogging one blog every day for 31 days. Such a literary challenge demands a fighting edge, and here we deliver it to them. Grab a bag of popcorn and hunker down for a fight. We’ll be here a while folks, so please, throw out your comments while you can. It'll be a titanic showdown like you've never seen.   

Note: Click to page 6 to discover the victor of the All Smashed Up Tournament! :D

Note: As great an undertaking as this is, this blog will be steadily built throughout the day from when it airs. I would like to assure the fighters and readers that things will get added as they come in and be put in any necessary formatting but otherwise unedited as by their original suppliers. Now, here's a gander at where we'll be fighting if you haven't seen it before. . . 

A fight would be nothing without a good place to rumble in. Behold! The stage as constructed by my fellow 31/31 blogger, Lord of Stages, and Smashed Up contestant, xl9: 


Home to: The GIO 31/31ers

Availability: Default

Game: Gameinformer Online

Symbol: The GIO Logo


To make sure none of us have the advantage, this stage is the weirdest mashup to ever see the light of day. What happens when you take the court from Phoenix Wright, put it smack dab in the middle of the world of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, have Mario buy exclusive advertising rights to it, and have the judge and jury be Psyduck’s with Nick Cage’s face? Utter insanity, that’s what. The gimmicks will be divided into four sections, but they all occur at once.


Elements from Phoenix Wright: Of course, no courtroom is complete without plenty of lawyers. On each side of the stage, two men in suits and ridiculous haircuts will random point at each other with such great force that it can knock the fighters away if they get near them.


Elements from Nicholas Cage/Pokemon: Nick Cage has been in many iconic scenes, but none are as fondly remembered by the internet as when he swarmed by bees in The Wicker Man. So randomly during the stage, the psyducks will scatter while yelling “NOT THE BEEDRILLS!” while a swarm of angry beedrills burst into the court. They can deal some light damage, but nothing too deadly.


Elements from My Little Pony: Guess what character I’m going to use to represent MLP. You guessed Rainbow Dash? What, did my hero images clue you in? Yes, at a random time during the battle Rainbow Dash will zoom by and cause a Sonic Rainboom, blinding the combatants for ten seconds flat. 

Elements from Mario: Blue shells. Dear god, Blue shells. The literal bane of my childhood will return in this stage, and with a vengeance. If somebody’s winning by a longshot, a blue shell will divebomb out of nowhere and hit him. So yes, there will be rubberband AI. I guess.



Well, now that you’ve read through this insanity I’d like to see what you think of this stage. Love it? Hate it? Still have no clue what’s going on with it? Well that’s good, because neither do I. I hope this stage has done a good job clueing you into the tone of Smashed Up. See you in the arena.


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