Art is an expression all around us: in our art galleries, our schools, our homes, and our games. Far be it to limit the overview of gaming art spectrum to a boring list of data. No! Art is to be seen, enjoyed, and most of all. . . mmm, tasted. If you appreciate a fine collection of food as much as I do, then you will appreciate the two combining in the most cultured way possible. Step into Gruver de Restaurante as we dine on the finest menu of artistic delight. Bon appetite! 

Warning!: Be ready to brace yourself for non-stop pictures

Grilled Cel-Shades With Side of Cheesy Fries: [The Windwaker, Viewtiful Joe, Okami]

Clean, crisp art-style that speaks to our inner child. Cute, timeless, at times a little cheesy nostalgia does it good to emphasize whimsical protagonists and unique worlds. Characters often have a silhouetted outline. Accused of being childish, but decked with a delectable yet simple flavor that waters the mouth with funner times gone by. 

Wood-Roasted, 2-D Cut-a-away Flatbread: [Rayman Origins, Paper Mario series]

Distinct 2D style where limbs and character parts are animated and switched out evenly. Favorite meal of flash animation and cartoons. Simple yet basic choice snack for challenging platforming, greater focus on character maneuvering, and enemy patterns. A regular dish of the platformer.

Slow-Roasted Handi-Work Stew: [Kirby's Epic Yarn, Little Big Planet, Yoshi's Story]

A lovingly, hand-crafted style formed from the tasty impression of a patchwork of items. Often seasoned with a dash of cardboard, flannel graphs, and fabrics, the game visuals elude to a similar, pleasant aroma akin to that of cel-shades to the nostalgic and kid-gamer. This collage of materials strategy waters the mouth with charm and plain cuteness. 

Sweet'n Sour Illustrative Tenders: [Prince of Persia, Borderlands, Skyward Sword]

This arguably similar style to cel-shades can be seen to differ in its balance of realism and the fantastical. Carefully crafted and hand-drawn textures elude to a a painting-like quality best-suited for fantasy stories and other-worldly. In short, a taste sensation. Chef's choice. 

Dioramic Onion-rings with Model-Sauce: [Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Metroid: Other M]

Neat and clean dish of giving great overview and perspective to the player. Decked out with appetizing layers of miniaturization, it gives a unique and playful look at on-screen actions with depth to its sometimes 2D-3D cross-animation. Many visual styles may apply. A diverse and appetizing side-dish.

Spicy Surrealism with Side of Odd-Ball Rancheros: [Persona, Ico, Shin Megami Tensei]

More theme than style, game's visuals will be unique, unconventional, and complex. Spicy mix of strange personalities and off-beat art direction makes for highly memorable worlds. Willingness to break rules adds a strong aftertaste of the alien and culturally warped or just unknown origin. Imaginative and intriguing flavor worthy of the adventurous player. Specialty of the house. 

Cartoon Sundae with Sprinkles: [Chibi-Robo, Animal Crossing, Flower, Earthbound]

A sweet and charming dessert accompanied by a side order of a somewhat naive and vivid impression of a world. Home-made with adorable memories of a child-like view of nature and people. Can reduce clutter and distraction through a watered down, more focused perspective of animation. Can tell simple, yet often times character driven stories. Pleasant aroma of comic-mischief and occasional tom-foolery. Excellent menu choice for all ages with a taste for nostalgia and or lighter times. 

All Natural Realism Salad with Dressing: [Grand Theft Auto, Uncharted, Red Dead Redemption]

An organic choice of the "no-frills" player. Delivers a satisfying bite of familiarity to natural world with pleasing textures and sounds of realistic grit and sensibility. Hand-tossed and cut fresh from the field with doses of real-world protagonists and relationship dynamics. Easily makes for any other dish with gradual application, can be its own main course dish on its own. Milder flavor yet filling.

Hyper-Stylized Upside Down Cake: [Team Fortress 2, Brink, Psychonaughts]

Takes realistic and puts it on its head. Hyper-real and exaggerated real-world graphics put forth a quality taste of strong character silhouettes, skewed environments with playful proportions, bold colors. A fresh, juicy experience of over-the-top action and or personality with sides of humor and abstract reality to the player. Chef's recommendation.

Flame-Roasted Noire From the Barbie: [Deus Ex Human Revolution, Hotel Dusk, Alan Wake]

Strong, gritty flavor charbroiled with heavy shadows, contrasts, and sometimes muted colors. Fits the darker, intenser tones. Brings a brooding personality and unapologetic edginess to the stranger, mysterious stories. For the hardened player wanting an overpowering taste of darker depths and unforgiving art cuisine.

Marinated tDR graphics with Lemon: [Portal series, Mirror's Edge, 

A zesty combo-platter of sleek, minimalistic, clean-graphic styles with futuristic aesthetics. Based upon tDR (The Designers Republic), studio behind the WipeOut racing game series. Relies on a dimmer palette of colors starkly contrasted with a several sparse yet vivid coloration. Sets the scene for a "less is more" color scheme for a beautiful and surreal landscape. Acquired taste.

Are you as hungry for art style as I am now? If ya are, good. If not, then start playing more games! ;) Keep your eye open to the world of art and stay tuned for more blogging to come. I'm nearly half-way there for my 31/31 and rest assured, perhaps the best is yet to come. Got a blogging suggestion or a favorite art-style of your own? Add 'em to the buffet. It's art-time! 

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