The dust has settled, the votes are in, the awards given, and E3 2013 has come to an end. Well, quite a while a go, in fact, but who's to say that's the final word from fans? Better late than never, this E3 was a doozy of a show and I lay down some of my top E3 choices of show this year and share just a few of my opinions on them. Have a few of your own thoughts? Feel free to comment and share them down below and enjoy my useless musings. Cheers to E3!

The Usual Suspects:

In the age of the Internet, there wasn't much that could escape being already reported on and a lot of familiar faces filled many of E3's presentations. With that said, many of them didn't fail to impress once again and will no doubt be a bolster to current and next-gen sales alike this holiday season.


Ever since its much raved about debut at last year's E3, Ubisoft can't seem to show us enough of Watch_Dogs. There are seemingly few places on the Internet you won't see a constant stream of developer diaries or ads for the game, but persistent marketing still didn't detract much from the its amazing open-world. With its size and scope, Watch_Dogs proved that Ubisoft is still leading the charge in creating quality open-world experiences. With its latest demo's eye to GTA style car-jacking and seamless in-game multiplayer, Aiden Pierce's hacking romps across Chicago's near-future surveillance state looks like a barrel of fun. Come this fall, I'll be hard-pressed not to lose myself in the Windy City's destructive playground.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag 

Undeniably Ubisoft's flagship series, Assassin's Creed wasn't about to miss an E3 and Black Flag was there and waiting among Ubisoft's main line-up. Granted, most of its footage can be said to be "more of the same" but what it did show off was nothing but what the series does best. Stealth attacks, fast gunplay, and the lush, expansive jungle environments were all just as good as when we first gazed upon them, but it was the expanded naval combat that caught me fancy. The new weather effects and deeper ship-to-ship strategy both appear to be making Black Flag the "Red Dead Redemption of pirate games" that its makers are aiming for. Multiplayer was back in all of its familiar trappings, and even if quite the same, its new modes were a bit more frantic and exciting. It's all the more unfortunate that all these pluses are stacked agains the series constant arch-enemy of glitches. [As its E3 showing demonstrated] Despite that worry, I'm still into Assassin's Creed's expansive worlds and I'm sure that I'll be putting this into my PS3 or Wii U. Okay, maybe after the first couple weeks of patches.

Disney Infinity

Disney no doubt already fills many an American household with toys galore, but Disney Infinityshowed us why we should be playing with virtual ones too. Easily described as all of your favorite and not-so-favorite Disney characters playing around in an MMO Little Big Planet, Disney looks to be creating a player-friendly environment that's capable of being amusing to all ages, a still admirable quality going into this next-gen. Its focus on user-generated content to craft your own levels and story-telling seems fun enough, but if its E3 booth display was any indication, expect to pay money for unlocking way too many of your in-game characters. Its open-world still looks like a playground worth wasting time in, if not for just playing hide-and-seek with Darth Vader and Spider-man. It'll happen, I guarantee it.


As the architect of Master Chief and the cash cow that is Halo, Bungie wasn't going to be straying from the craft that made it a household name: making epic sci-fi shooters. After leaving Microsoft,Destiny seems to be filling the gaping hole left by Halo perfectly and its more fantastical variety appears to make it stand apart from its Spartan roots. At first glance Destiny looks like Halo, sounds like Halo, and seems to play like Halo, but Bungie has been adamant about its important changes. If more dynamic, destructible environments among wilder and more rugged looking worlds doesn't do it for Halo veterans, then its more super-powered, fireball throwing soldier classes might just do it. Did I add the fact that Firefly's Captain Reynolds is in it? In any case, Destiny just might be the next cross-platform Halo to finally open up the enormously huge MMO console shooter than next-gen can offer us and I'll be happy to fight my way through it.

Pikmin 3 [Winner]

My love affair with Pikmin began long ago in a galaxy far, far away on the Gamecube back in the day and Pikmin 3 only reignited one of my fondest childhood gaming memories. It may not have been the subject of conference fanfare, or even be that far away from its August release date, but Pikmin 3's latest beautiful reveal revisited all the elements I fell in love with and more. Coming alive with the series natural, earthy beauty, Pikmin's plants and creatures seemed more real than ever with the Wii U's improved graphical abilities. Further, its new Rock and Flying Pikmin look to be greatly changing up in-game strategy against tougher and trickier bosses and the gamepad is just made for controlling your Pikmin hordes with the gamepad's touchscreen controls. In short, Pikmin 3 reminded me why I love chucking colorful, cute little creatures at other, uglier little creatures for goodies and for good reason. If it's indeed the next great Nintendo game according to Shigeru Miyamoto, it's probably one of mine too. 

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