Hi there. I'm Levi. Yes, I just used my real first name. But if you're going to try to cyber-stalk me now, know that its impossible due to the jean company of the same name. You will get about 10 million results for buying denim for every result you get of me. So good luck with that.

So, about me. I live in Minnesota, just outside the Twin Cities. Yes, the winters here are as bad as they say. To put it as I once heard a comedian on the radio say, "Minnesota has two seasons: Winter, and road work." The ice wreaks havoc on the highways.

I am an active Boy Scout, and I love Scouting. It's a huge part of my life, and I hope to someday achieve Eagle Scout.

I am also an avid reader of just about anything I can get my hands on. Books, of course, but also magazines. I am subscribed to 5 of them right now, and my favorite of them is GI. A few of you Eds might know me already, since I have emailed 2 or 3 of you at some point. I'm always glad that even in such a big production, you find the time to personally reply to me. Really appreciate it.


Go, Pack, go!

Despite living in MN, my favorite team is the Packers, and I don't like the Vikings. At all. If you ask me what my second-favorite team is, after Green Bay, I'll answer "Whoever is playing against the Vikings this week."

I hope you GI editors don't hold that against me too much, I can't help it, it's genetic. My entire family on my Dad's side likes the Packers. My Mom's side is less vocal about sports, but they're mostly Viking fans, which makes family reunions during football season...interesting.

Anyway, I am a geek, I freely admit it. Such a geek, in fact, that I am wearing this as I type.

Geeky to the max, plus tax and shipping.

Just looking at the site it is from should prove it to you.