How do you know a game/ TV Show/ Movie is successful? It spawns clones (A classic example being Transformers, and the GoBots).  That said, when you find a clone, it usually only steal idea from 1 franchise. Buuuuut not in this instance.

(If the one on the left really was made first instead of being drawn by some bored fan after the Avengers released, then things would have come full circle.

I present to you, dear reader, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.


(Watch the gameplay trailer)

 In case you didn’t see it, a lot of that looks surprisingly similar to Assassins Creed, so much so apparently, that employees at Ubisoft even took to Twitter to complain about it (original I know). But this does bring up a really interesting question: Is it bad that these two games are so similar?


There are more than a few bad things about being right; people copying you is just one of them. But people wouldn’t mimic something unless it’s successful. Sane people anyway. Assassins Creed has proven itself time and time again that it will draw an Audience in year after year to play a game that’s largely the same. Given an audience like that, it only makes sense that Warner Bros would try to tap into that audience, and why not throw some Tolkien in there? It will certainly spice up the formula.

I don’t think you can really copyright running on ropes and climbing up walls, so I don’t really foresee any legal trouble in the future for Monolith Productions. Instead, I think that Assassins Creed V (we all know it’s coming) will have some competition this year. Never before has an Assassins Creed game had to compete with something that was actually similar to it. Ubisoft is going to have to step their game up if they want to win… and I like that.

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Also, thanks to Machinma for telling me about this.