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Today's game:

Pokémon Y

            Because of my nerdy nature and my *ahem* passion for my DS, people always assumed that I had played Pokémon. But the truth the truth was, I hadn't. It wasn't until I got my 3DS that all my friends started pestering me non-stop to get a Pokémon game; my response: I'm just going to wait until they release a Pokémon game for the 3DS.  That was 2 years ago, (since then we've had Black and White AND Black and White 2 for the DS; that made for an awkward conversation.) Rewind 4 months ago, and Pokémon X and Y came out; thus, my first entry into the Pokémon franchise.

(Behold, the majesty of legendary Pokémon)

For a game popular with people so young that if they had 1 finger for each year they've been alive, they wouldn't be able to play it, I was pleasantly surprised. I never would have guessed the complexity made by all the different types and races. Weaknesses within weaknesses within weaknesses within weaknesses within weaknesses within weaknesses within weaknesses within ... I don't blame you if you don't read that sentence. But anyway, the only thing that surprised me more than the complexity of the battle system was the apparent mastery my friends had over it. All though in retrospect, I really shouldn't be due to the fact that one friend of mine gave another a pixel by pixel walkthrough of Pokémon Yellow* that proved to be more accurate than the wiki.

            With Poké-friends like that, I wonder why they didn't rip me limb from limb when I said I was going to WAIT to play Pokémon.

            It wasn't all good mind you; Pokémon Y isn't a perfect game. The difficulty became hopelessly unbalanced when I EV trained all of my Pokémon. Granted, that's what's supposed to happen, but it took all the fun out of the game for me. When doing something that makes sense (training you little pocket monsters to be the VERY best that there ever was), and it drains the fun out of a game because you weakest guy could one-hit a type their weak to, it really kills a game for me.

(Oh yeah, that actually happens a lot)

            In the end, I don't regret my Time with Pokémon Y, far from it. But I have a feeling that my score would be at least a point and a half higher if I was wearing Nostalgia goggles for the first video game I ever played. I give Pokémon Y a 7.8.



*I can't remember if it WAS Pokémon Yellow, but I do remember that he was playing it around that time frame.