I guess I start with the Titular question, "What makes a gamer a Casual Gamer?" Now I realize that this isn't a simple issue, as many have written blogs about this very subject before me, and doubtless many are going to do so after. But I say that because in the past, what I've seen a lot of is people trying to define the opposite extreme, what makes a gamer Hardcore? Now, while this isn't a bad way to do so, I'm going to try to identify the divide between hard and soft core from the other end for the purposes of this blog.

Anyway, down to my whole inspiration for writing this darn thing. Earlier today (December 27, 2013 that's right, this one is a few weeks in the making), I was at the dentist's office. While I was there I had a conversation with the dentist. Now that I think about it, it was a pretty accidental conversation, and it probably impeded her work, but she was polite about it and I could tell that (if not at the beginning, at the end) she was enjoying the conversation.

It started off with her asking if I got what I wanted for Christmas (and other usual pleasantries) I replied that I got (technically, it was in the mail and would have gotten there until later that day, but that hardly matter now) a hard drive upgrade for my PS3. She told me that her family also had a PS3 that her son and daughter played. I didn't know their ages (I never asked) but I'm guessing that the girl was 16ish and the boy was about 18ish (she mentioned him being gone a lot). I asked how many games they had. She replied "Call of Duty" and "God of War" ... "Oh I thought, she IS one of those parents."

Then came the shocker, she told me that 80% of the time, it just sat there unused. The conversation didn't last that much longer from there as I decided to just shut up and let her clean my teeth. It was while I was sitting there that I thought "Hmm, I guess they're just casual gamers." But I realized then how odd that was. Here you have two series (which they've both beaten apparently), that are by no definition "Casual, fun games for the whole family" played by people who don't have more than a casual interest in Video Games. 

I continued down that train of thought until I came to this conclusion: "There is no such thing as Casual Games, Only Casual Gamers (the converse is also true I guess). And a Casual gamer is defined by how much they think about video games." That "think about video games" part is an important difference between gamers and non-gamers (or casual and Hard-core if you prefer) because I may not play video games for 10 hours a day, but I find myself thinking about games often, even when I'm not playing them.

So to summarize, the game itself has little to do with casual or hardcore-ness, it mainly falls on the player.

Well, that's it. Be sure to sound off in the comments below and I'll be seeing you tomorrow.

Also, here's an example of a Casual Game with a Hard-Core player, because I know someone is just going to ask for that.