Well, I figured that I might as well make a Time Sink Blog; even though I didn't have this Idea until late Thursday night. Here are the records from my 3DS for most time in a game:


(Prepare to see just how much I love my 3DS)

As you can see from the picture, I've sunk a lot of hours into 2 games in particular, Fire Emblem: Awakening, and Infinite Space. You'd think that I put more time into Fire Emblem, but you'd be wrong. Infinite Space is a DS game, so I had if before my 3DS started keeping track of my play time.

Aside: 70% of the time I put into FE:A was done during the month it came out in, February.  Strangely enough, my grades DID NOT take a nose dive from all that gaming.


(I had to put a funny Fire Emblem picture in here somewhere)

How many hours did I Put into Infinite Space before I got my 3DS? Well, I really don't know. The in-game clock maxes out at 100 hours; and you carry over the play-time clock on a new game plus, even if you max it out. What I DO know however, is that I played through the game 3.5 times on my DS, and my first play through took me about 87 hours.

So, by my best estimate I put in about 250 hours into this game, plus the extra 130 from when I played it on my 3DS. Bringing the grand total to about 380 hours! That's over 2 weeks of continuous play for a DS JRPG that was met with a lukewarm audience.


(What's that saying about having fun and time flying?)

I've said in my Bio that I've played my 3DS/ DS a lot; now you know my shame/ pride.


(So true)

What games have you played a lot, and are any of those games not without their fair share of flaws?