Devil May Cry....for most people when they hear that, this immediatley comes to their mind.

I`m Reviewing this.

So moving on, Devil May Cry 1 was one of the most revolutionary games back on the PS2. It introduced the Hack `n Slash genre popular today present in many games. Why I adore this game and why it was so revolutionary? (Note: I`m reviewing this from the DMC1 HD Collection I have on the Xbox 360)

Games like this were never seen before in 2001. Playing as a badass demon hunter with white hair, red clothes, a broad sword from his demon dad and two pistols Ebony and Ivory, was never done before. DMC was one of its own kind until God Of War and Ninja Gaiden came along, all the cool kids had it, literally everyone was like "THE BEST GAME EVAR!". It deserves all that to.

Gameplay has suprisingly aged well for todays standards and still is fun to play. When you start the game, you have Force Edge, Dante`s main weapon, and Ebony and Ivory, his dual pistols. The goal of this game was to achieve stylish combos, and it is fun to attempt that with the simple controls. X fires Dante`s guns and Y makes him swing his Devil Arms. You have the simple Y,Y,Y combo but pausing at certain inputs (Y,Y,slight pause,Y) will make him perform a completely diffrent combo.Enemies are tough and can kill Dante easily, so its important to get those combos out. When performing combos you`ll see phrases displayed at the top of the screen saying Dull, stylish, awesome etc. Which is the games grade on how well your performing combos. At the end of each mission you will get a grade ranging from D being the worst to S being the best. Eventually Dante gains access to 5 guns and 3 Devil Arms (Including his starting weapons) One of the Devil Arms, Alastor, shown below, is where the game starts opening up.

When Dante gains this weapon, you gain Devil Trigger which uses Dante`s inner demon powers to boost his power in battle. He runs faster, does more damage, and his guns can even shoot diffrently. You also unlock new moves with this weapon along with the ones from the Force Edge. Air Hike(double jump), Round trip, Stinger, and Vortex are some you couldnt use with the Force Edge. You also unlock one more Devil Arm but I prefer not to spoil it. DMC1 also has a unique checkpoint system where when you die, you will have a try again screen. Pressing A sacrifices a yellow orb (DMC`s equivalent to lives) and restarts you from the last checkpoint. Run out of these and you start from the mission select screen. You can find them around the environment and buy them.

The boss fights should be familiar to anyone who played Bayonetta. Difficult, Hype, and demands attention to the boss`s movements and environment. Thats all I`m saying.

The enemies range from living Marionette dolls to giant Spiders, Demon Swordsmen, Gecko-like creatures, giant bugs, werewolves, and Grim Reaper like ghosts. This is also a strength because enemy type is varied and demands that you adapt to the situation presented by the enemy. For Example, Its better to use a shotgun agains the Reaper ghosts....they are ghosts. And even have files on how to defeat them and their attacks. The file also provides alittle backstory that makes the castle all the more disturbing.


One thing that adds a layer of difficulty in this game is the shopping system. When you go to the shop, you can buy green stars(Health Items), purple stars(Devil trigger) and orbs that upgrade your base stats like life, Devil Trigger, and lives. But with each purchase the price gets higher. Running low on health and need that green star? Shouldnt have bought so many before, it costs more than a Large vital star which restores all your health.

The story....I really can`t get a hold of it, Dante meets Trish at his shop named "Devil May Cry"

(How ironic) and she tries to kill him. Knowing Dante he whoops her arse with his demon powers, then she is convinced he is the son of Sparda(A Legendary demon lord) and talks of this demon trying to open the gateway between the human and demon world, and your sent off to this castle murdering demons. Dante dosen`t have much conversations in this game where they can flesh out the story. Most of the time, when Dante kills a demon boss, they will say something like (THE SON OF SPARDA!? IT CAN`T BE!) which is probably the closest to character development. The demon that is trying to bring the gateway between the two worlds is called Mundus who murdered Dante`s father, Sparda, and his mother, Eva. Knowing this, he promises to avenge his father. Did I mention that Mundus has one of the deepest voices in all of video game history? Anyways, Your whole time in DMC is spent exploring the castle that has some of the best enemies that fit well to the tone and theme.Did I mention that the castle brings a Resident Evil feel to it? You can probably get an idea to it. I also have to mention about how the castle is designed. I just love it! Its Gothic architecture done right. Probably the best I have ever seen in a game, even for one back in 2001.

Thats about it for my review for DMC1. Hope you all enjoyed it, and again, feedback from the community is welcomed as long as it is appropiate.

My final score 9.0

Must buy, get this however you can. PS2 or HD Collection available on Xbox360 and PS3