Let's face it - somebody is going to make bad movies based on video games...and bad video games based on movies...or television shows, for that matter. So, with that being a given, I kind of hope somebody makes a video game based on Vikings, the historical drama series being shown on the History channel. While there are a few older games that have featured the main character found in the TV show - Ragnar Lodbrok, I don't think any of them have the look and feel of the TV show.

The Civ III expansion pack and the Civ IV expansion pack lets you play as Ragnar.

The Invasion expansion pack to Medieval: Total War let you play as Ragnar.

Ragnar is the name of the Nord king in the video game Mount & Blade: Warband, released in 2010.

The Old Gods expansion pack for 2012's Crusader Kings II makes it possible to play as any one of Ragnar's five sons.

I just finished episode 2 from Season 2 tonight and I gotta say, I'm loving the series. Then again, I'm pretty fond of the Vikings in general. It's odd to think there aren't more Viking video games. Wikipedia only list two games with Viking in the title - Viking: Battle for Asgard, a 2008 game for Xbox 360 and PS3; and Vikings, a 1998 game for PC. I know this isn't entirely accurate, because I just mentioned three or four other examples. I also recently played The Lost Vikings on Super Nintendo...great game. And then of course the Vikings are one of the available civilizations in Age of Empires II, known for their unique units - the Berserk and the Longboat.

A game based on Vikings, the TV show would be awesome. There are plenty of games it could take inspiration from. Certainly Ryse: Son of Rome comes to mind since a lot of the weapons, tactics and techniques are somewhat similar in nature. Then again, God of War features a lot of mythological lore and Vikings believed in their fair share of mythology too (at least that's what we call it now - I'm sure they didn't  think their gods were myths), so it's an obvious choice too. Since ships were extremely important to Vikings, a game like Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag seems like it might have pieces and parts that could be used to.

So, what makes me think this would be an awesome video game?

Well, if they modeled it after the show, it probably wouldn't be...because they never seem to get this right. But since I'm looking at this from fantasy land, I'll assume whoever is making this would do a great job of it...and so, I think it would make a great game because...

Unique theme - clearly there aren't a lot of video games based on Vikings, so it earns originality points for that alone. Vikings are known for sailing across the ocean in their long ships and raiding Europe, Asia and even parts of the North Atlantic. I can think of dozens of different missions stemming from the different locations the Vikings "explored".

Unique Characters - As mentioned above, the History channel TV series focuses on a character named Ragnar Lodbrok, But the TV show also features other equally interesting characters. Perhaps my favorite is Floki.

Floki is a genius ship-builder and he designs and builds the prototype of the new generation of Viking ships which can sail across the open ocean and up the shallowest of rivers. Without Floki, Ragnar would have never been able to fulfill his dreams of discovering new lands and new civilizations. A close and loyal friend of Ragnar's, Floki is an entertaining, yet dangerous jester.

Combat - Whether this is right or wrong, one of my favorite moments in Ryse was when you are commanding your troops and can have them do a shield wall move. We see this technique in movies like 300, and we definitely see it take place in the television series. If there was ever a modern era Vikings video game, it must allow you to order your men into a shield wall formation. Hey, what can I say...I'm easy to please? And I like this tactic.

Sailing - Call me crazy, but one of the many things I love about Minecraft is just building a boat and sailing away to new locations. There is nothing quite like sailing across the ocean blue for minutes on end...and just when you're about to give up hope, land ho! I'd like a Vikings game where I can sail around the world in my long boat, while conquering new lands.

Wow, has hump day already come and gone? Where do the minutes go.

Hope you all have a delightful day.