When I was in Junior High, my brother and I would often spend the majority of our weekend at a buddy's house playing Dungeons & Dragons. More often than not, when we arrived Friday after school, our friend's dad would be out in the yard, mowing the grass. We were all Army brats, and our buddy just happened to live in base housing. His dad was the sort of guy who wanted his yard to look the best, so he was always out working in it. The funny thing is, he would normally have on a wife beater t-shirt, cut-off jean shorts (cut way too high), black socks pulled up mid-calf and some sort of black leather slip on shoes. I used to think our buddy's dad was crazy, but now that I'm *ahem* getting older...I realize the reality of getting old. You'll wear whatever you want and you don't really care what people think. Our buddy's dad wasn't crazy; he just didn't give a crap what we thought about his attire. Or anybody else driving down the road who had the distinct pleasure of noticing him out watering the grass  or mowing the yard.

They say old people get grumpy and like to run kids off their lawn. Frankly I don't see anything wrong with that, but hey that's me. But one thing I will tell you gets on my nerves lately is people who play online games and leave their mic continuously keyed.

Most of us have met THAT player online. Or should I say, we've HEARD that player online. We typically think of Call of Duty and adolescents talking trash and screaming threats over the mic, but it doesn't necessarily have to be. These people don't bother me nearly as much as the hot mic gamers. At least with the trash talkers who incessantly run off at the mouth - you know where you stand with them. They're obnoxious and annoying and you can tell right away who to mute. But the people who leave their mics open and expose you to whatever happens to be going on in their house, they are the worst.

I don't want to hear you yell at your significant other. And I definitely don't want to hear you yell at your children. I don't want to hear your phone conversation or you singing that song that's playing in the background. That includes humming, whistling or lip syncing. I don't want to you hear you cuss me because I'm not listening to you or doing what you think I should be doing.

I dunno, maybe it's just me...maybe it's the age catching up and taking its toll, but I strongly dislike listening to players who are talking over the mic, but not really engaging in productive communications with the team. If you ask me, not only is it rude, it's arrogant.

Anymore I find myself muting everybody on my team as soon as the round starts, whether they've said anything or not. I long for a "mute all" button. It's unfortunate, because effective communications can decide the outcome of the game, and it's a bit ironic since I used to work in communications.

Anyway, I think I'm done ranting for the night. It's late, I'm tired...and All in the Family is getting ready to start. Enjoy the game, mute your mic unless you have something to say, and have a wonderful evening.