A few of the natives are getting restless, demanding I post the annual blogging statistics report. The truth is there is a lot of data to trudge through and its taking longer than expected. Playing a couple hours of Secret of Mana last night didn't help the cause any. So, I thought I'd throw y'all a bone and post a portion of the statistics I collected throughout the year. Besides, the main report is already too long as it is, and the people featured in this report certainly deserve a little recognition.

So, let me explain what all of this means before I recognize a handful of the individuals. It is, after all, conceivable if you're reading this you could be unaware of such things as Blog Herding or the fact that Game Informer even has a newsletter.

Blog Herding - Blog Herding is a weekly feature posted every Thursday that highlights some of the best blogs posted by the community during a given period of time. It is curated by me (just a regular ole gamer and community member) and reviewed by a Game Informer staffer (99% of the time it is Jeff Marchiafava). It is an important feature because it provides front page exposure and potentially a much bigger audience for the bloggers highlighted each week. Blog Herding has evolved to include user reviews, podcasts and community events.

Game Informer Newsletter - The Game Informer newsletter is a weekly email disseminated to thousands of subscribers, typically late Friday or early Saturday. A copy of the newsletter is posted on the website and is updated each week. You can find it here. The newsletter is created by the staff. I'm not familiar with the internal process used to develop and disseminate the newsletter. It could be created by monkeys sitting behind typewriters or it could be reviewed and approved by Andy McNamara. I'm guessing the duty is entrusted to Jeff Marchiafava as I do know Jeff Marchiafava has a role in its creation. Beyond that, I am unaware of the specifics. Monkeys using typewriters would be kind of cool though. The newsletter is a recap of the top stories and best articles from the week. At the end of the newsletter there is typically a section reserved for the community blogs from the week and it almost always includes three blogs picked from the ones featured in Blog Herding.

If you didn't read all of that because you thought it was too long - here is the summary:

I post blog herding every week.

The GI staff picks three blogs out of blog herding and put them in the newsletter.

You can see why getting featured in the newsletter is kind of a big deal. Something you wrote is getting emailed to thousands and thousands of potential readers. Sure, some people get the newsletter emailed to them and delete it without opening it. Others may skim the content and not click on a single link. Some may only read the articles and news stories posted by the staff. A few may even look at the community blogs featured at the end of the newsletter. For every person who saw your blog listed in the newsletter and clicked the link that is another reader you wouldn't have gotten unless you were featured.

Sure, that's one way of looking at it.

Or, you could realize that...

A) An actual member of the Game Informer staff read your blog and...
B) Liked it enough to feature it in the official Game Informer newsletter.

Well, when you look at it like that, you should be proud to be featured in the newsletter. It's quite an accomplishment.

We all know there are 52 weeks in a year and if the newsletter was indeed sent out weekly then there would 52 newsletters to pull data from. But when you take into consideration the holidays and a few technical difficulties experienced earlier in the year, there were actually only 48 newsletters sent out. We also know I said there were always three blogs featured in each episode, so if you multiply 48 times 3, you get 144.

That's right - 144 community blogs were featured in the newsletter. Some members (a majority of members) were only featured once while others were featured multiple times. If you examine the 144 times members were featured in the newsletter, you would discover that 73 different bloggers were featured in the newsletter.

The breakout looks something like this:

Featured one time: 49 members

Featured two times: 9 members

Featured three times: 7 members

Featured four times: 2 members

Featured five times: 1 member

Featured six times: 1 member

Featured seven times: 0 members

Featured eight times: 3 members

Now, if you took the time to add all of those numbers up, you would see it only totals 72; and you know I just said there were 73 different bloggers featured in the newsletter. Well, the one person that is missing is the one person who was featured the most...the one and only person to be featured in double digits. But I'll come back to that in a minute. First, I'd like to share who the members that were featured four times or more.

It probably won't be a surprise, but they are...

8 - Marco Polo

8 - thegodofwine7

8 - Tim Gruver

6 - Josh Straub

5 - Cameron Koch

4 - markus1142

4 - Theora Craft

And now the winner, weighing in at an astounding 13 blogs featured in the Game Informer newsletter for calendar year 2013, its none other than LetMeGetToACheckpoint.


(Loud Cheering)

You can find all of LetMeGetToACheckpoint's blogs right here.

I remember the days of being featured in the newsletter, so I know what a great feeling it is...a real sense of accomplishment. For those of us who enjoy writing, it might not be the same as actually being published but it is certainly a step in that direction. I congratulate all my fellow bloggers on a productive year and a job well done.