Fairly new to Game Informer Online but definitely making a name for himself, this month's Member Herding features a rather popular personality who accomplishes a lot around these parts, and will certainly be doing a lot more with his recent promotion to moderator status. Read on and join me in welcoming the newest member of the herd.

GIO Name: Hannibal

GIO Rank: Power Member - Level 10

Gaming Experience (Years playing): 15 Years

Last Game Completed: Borderlands

Currently Playing: Pokemon FireRed, Halo: Reach

Origin of GIO Profile Name: It's an ode to Hannibal Lecter from Hannibal Rising, and I've used it for both my Playstation Network and Xbox Live accounts.

And now for everybody's favorite element of Member Herding...the questions.

Five Randomly Generated Questions + 4 Bonus questions + 1 Special question

1. Sony or Microsoft is developing a new fighting game exclusive to their next generation console starring you. In the game, like most fighting games, as you defeat one opponent you will face additional opponents that progressively get more challenging. The character roster is: Jason Statham, Wesley Snipes, Jet Li, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal, Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris, Dolph Lundgren, Ralph Macchio, and Brue Lee. Rank the characters in the order you would face them in the game, from weakest to strongest. Briefly describe in a line or two your characters in game name, bio and signature move. Which system will it be exclusive to? If you're feeling especially creative, pitch a name for the game.

Oh this is awesome. Ralph Macchio, Steven Seagal, Jean Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, Jason Statham, Wesley Snipes, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris, and then Bruce Lee. Ralph would have edged out Steven if it weren't for the ridiculously telegraphed crane kick. My characters name would be Suede Anchorchin, and he would hail from the Isle of Spinkicks. His special attack would be a flaming headbutt (the headbutt is such an elegant but underused attack) followed by an old fashioned bicycle kick. I'd say that it's exclusive to the Xbox, seeing as how both of the other consoles now have their own exclusive brawlers. It'd be called "Bruce Lee and Those Other Guys". Because let's be honest, Bruce could defeat them all just by using his monkey shouts.

[SAINT: Oh come on! Everybody loved the crane kick, regardless of whether they admit to it or not. I'd put Jason Statham higher on my list, but we definitely agree on Bruce Lee. I heard that Chuck Norris wears Bruce Lee pajamas. I nearly peed myself with Suede Anchorchin...that is hilarious. That name just screams low budget. Great answer. I haven't seen this kind of humor on GIO since Tactical Rash shared his Art of (Video Game) War tactics with the community. ]

2. You're standing in a GameStop when an older couple approaches you and tells you they are trying to buy a video game for their grandson, age 16. They don't know anything about video games. They're holding Mass Effect 3 and Uncharted 3 and ask for your input. What do you tell them? They're also holding the download gift cards for Limbo and Journey and say they know he mentioned both of those games. They ask you what they are about and should they get them too?

Well the ESRB is in place for a reason I suppose. Even though I played mature rated games long before I was 17 (or is 18 the age limit?) I would recommend that they take Uncharted 3 over Mass Effect 3. To be honest, that's not even a horrible thing, as Uncharted 3 was great. As for the two downloadable titles, I'd continue taking the ESRB route and recommend Journey to them. The M-rating is well deserved by Limbo, and Journey is really meant for just about anyone. If I were to describe Limbo to the old couple they'd probably leave GameStop and never come back. I mean...spiders impaling children? Then you have Journey where you play as this robed cat person (I say they're cat-people) that's basically on a quest to find its purpose. I love Limbo but I'd recommend Journey over it any day.

[SAINT: What a Boy Scout, upholding the ESRB standards like that. Uncharted is certainly a game I think most people, gamers or not, could watch and enjoy, so there is certainly nothing wrong with picking it over Mass Effect. It has a certain Hollywood - movie quality to it. That's a funny but true outlook on Limbo. I haven't played Journey yet, so it's hard for me to compare the two, but Limbo - despite its ominous and foreboding setting, is a masterpiece.]

3. Your profile indicates you are a fan of the Half Life series. What is your predicted date when Valve will make an announcement about Half Life 3 (month / day / year)? Do you think Valve will use a new Source Engine for Half Life 3? Do you think Valve is developing accessories or an actual system? The following is a list of the main characters from all of the games. Assuming you are Gordon Freeman, pick a GIO community member to represent each of the remaining characters and briefly describe why you matched them up: The G-Man, Barney Calhoun, Adrian Shephard, Dr. Rosenberg, Alyx Vance, Isaac Kleiner , Eli Vance, Father Grigori, and Wallace Breen. On a scale of 1-100, with 100 being the best...how would you score the game?

You want me to make a prediction for the Half Life 3 announcement? An easier task would be predicting the arrival of world peace. But I'll play your sick game. Pinpointing a month of release isn't so hard as the majority of Valve's titles release around November or December (excluding Portal 2 which released in April). The day is a little bit sketchier though. To my knowledge most of their titles release between the 11th and 19th days of the month in North America. And as for the year I say that they announce it at the beginning of the next console cycle. Assuming that both Sony and Microsoft's consoles are released within the next year or two, I predict that it releases November 15, 2015. Following that logic, I think that it's a given that Valve uses a new Source engine for Half Life 3, as using their current model would seem a little weak on a next gen console. As for their hardware situation, I think they'll start with something along the lines of a graphics card for PC's, maybe even a new type of controller, and then I think they'll step up to the big leagues and create a PC or console.

Hmm...quasiconundrum would have to be G-man, because his appearances are unpredictable but always memorable. Sora3Ben would have to be Barney Calhoun, as he's constantly optimistic and eager to be involved with his community. Anticitizen one is Adrian Shepard, as he has a following within the community and the timing of his return remains a mystery. DJH stars as Dr. Rosenberg because he's that one guy that I should probably listen to more often, as he's incredibly knowledgeable...he also knows not to let the Anti-Mass Spectrometer run above 90% capacity (Half Life joke everyone). ace13 seems like the type who can take on a group of Civil Protection Officers on her own so she's automatically Alyx Vance. Jolt fills the shoes of Isaac Kleiner as he's that one creepy old guy that we all like, but often question why (just teasing you buddy). Mojo would be Eli Vance, as he's the cheery fatherly figure who shows all the new guys the ropes. Chris the Savior of the Galaxy is Father Gregori as he's most likely insane, and his motives are suspiciously unclear. The Great Cubone is Wallace Breen, as he is without a doubt the most villainous dude on GIO. You won't fool me Cubone, I'm on to you. Assuming that you want me to score Half Life 2, I'd give it a 95. I love the game, but I could never give it a 100 because of that helicopter boss battle. Seriously, the game is set in a universe with monsters popping out of different dimensions and a helicopter is our biggest worry?

[SAINT: Of course I want you to make a Half Life 3 prediction - it's just when we'll hear something, not the actual release date. What you don't know is I will mark it on my calendar and come back to it at a later date and see how close you were. You sure put a lot of effort into guessing...I would've just taken a swag and said November 12, 2013 (11/12/13) or perhaps on Gabe Newell's birthday - November 3rd. That is quite the cast of characters. Hmm...Ace13 as Alyx Vance...after her performance as Elena Fisher, I definitely think she could pull it off. Perhaps there will be another conspiracy blog featuring Alyx Vance. Mojomonkey12 would make a good Eli Vance too. Great response. Loved it.]

4. Apple just announced the iPhone 5, the latest in their high tech and extremely popular smart phone line up. Any plans to get it? Random Twitter polling indicates you do have an iPhone. Do you play games on yours, and if so, what do you recommend?  Are there any must have non-video game apps you would also recommend? If you could create an app to interface with a particular game, what would you like to see? Many GIO members, myself included, have discussed the value of a GI app. What are your thoughts about that and what feature would be a must have? Are people who play games only on mobile (smart phones and/or tablets) devices gamers?

Haha! Random twitter polling, very clever sir. Why yes, I do have my sights set on the iPhone 5, as I have an upgrade available around the time of its release. Also, yes I do play games on my trusty phone. Primarily games like Scribblenauts, and Jelly Car. I fit in some Solitaire time every now and again as well. I'm not a huge app-user, as most of my apps are basic stuff to make my life easier, like Yellow Book, and Wikipedia. As a comic book enthusiast it would be a crime not to mention Comixology, or Comixology's DC app. I don't think I ever want to know how much I've spent in those things. As for a video game app, I'd just like a timer that counts down to the next Valve release. I don't even want to know what game the timer is counting down to. Just knowing that Valve is actually DOING something and not just maniacally laughing while swimming in pools of money would be comforting haha. The GI app situation is something of incredible interest to me, as I actually blogged about it once before (it was one of my early one...don't look it's hideous). Honestly I would just be happy with two things: 1) A mobile blogging function, as blogging on the go would be glorious, and 2) a complete archive chock full of everything ever posted on GI. That means blogs, reviews, features, and any other shred of journalism to exist on the site. Your last question is one that I think can only be answered by those who fall into that category. Who are we to declare who is and isn't a gamer? But if I must answer, I'd say that, yes they are. A game is a game, no matter the platform or level of simplicity.

[SAINT: Clever indeed. I didn't expect you to try and ask questions about why I was asking. I will have to check out Comixology as I don't have that. A Valve timer app, nice...but if it uses the Valve time standard of "when it's ready"...it would continuously be counting down. I could see Gabe Newell, the practical joker he is, abusing a Valve timer app. Funny you mention the GI app having a blogging feature. I was on a trip a few years ago and actually blogged on my iPhone from the backseat of the car in the dark, driving through the mountains. It can be done. I agree they are gamers in my book...whether they think so or admit it.]

5. What makes Batman better than any other superhero? Bruce Wayne hires you to construct a new gadget for his utility belt. What is it? Which did you like better Arkham City or Asylum...and why? If you could change anything the video games, what would it be? Pitch a name for the next Batman Arkham game and who will the arch nemesis be? If you could cast any male actor to play Batman in a movie, who would it be?

I can't tell you how many people have asked me, why Batman is better than any other superhero. Usually I take the simple way out and just bluntly say, "Because of his story" or "Because he's freaking awesome". Realistically, it's because he's a mortal man fighting a superhero's war. A bullet to the head could kill him just like it could kill any other human being, and that makes the fact that he refuses to kill all the more inspiring. If Superman doesn't kill that's fine, because he's Superman! Bullets ricochet off his forehead, so there's no risk involved. Yet, when Superman himself comes knocking on Batman's door to challenge him in The Dark Knight Returns (my favorite graphic novel of all time) Batman answers, and fights him. Superman, and many other superheros' CAN defeat him in battle. It's the fact that he answers the call in the face of certain death that makes him better than those other guys. I have a ton of different answers to that question but that's my most prominent one.

As for the new item on his utility belt, I would create a beeper-like device that reminds him not to reveal his secret identity when meeting a pretty lady. For some reason he can't keep that to himself when a damsel in distress is involved. I LOVED Arkham Asylum, but City was the better of the two due to the fact that the world is so open. I truly felt like Batman when gliding over rooftops, and went into hysterics every time I glide kicked someone from a really high building. Plus the boss fights were much more superior and memorable to me.  If I could change one thing about the Arkham games, it'd be the final boss fights. After meeting Killer Croc in Arkham Asylum, the Joker fight was flat and disappointing. The same goes with the final boss in Arkham City. I won't go into details as to avoid spoilers, but that fight just couldn't live up to the bosses before it. Michael Fassbender should be the next Batman. He's one of the most universal actors in Hollywood right now, and he's a perfect fit for the darkness in the Batman universe.

[SAINT: Well, I'm not really a fan of Batman, but you certainly make a strong case that causes me to consider what you have stated and maybe even like him a little bit more. Truth be told, that is exactly why I like the Punisher. He's just a man, although their perspective on killing is obviously very different. Hah Hah...that beeper might be Batman's new best utility. And I definitely agree that City is better than Asylum. Seeing the bat signal and swinging from building to building through Arkham City is what it's all about. I see your point about the boss fights, although I think that Joker scene was remarkable.]

Bonus Question #1: Harry asks, "What moment in a game elicited the strongest emotional response from you?"

I'd have to say that Halo 2 got me the most emotional. The cliffhanger at the end of that game was just overwhelmingly depressing, especially when I took how long we'd have to wait until the next installment into consideration.

[SAINT: Wow, so many to choose from. I mean, do I pick Red Dead Redemption's ending, or Dead Space's ending...but since Hannibal mentioned Halo 2, I can't quit thinking the "last stand" scene in Halo Reach, probably because it wasn't just a cut scene, it was more you controlling the inevitable outcome that no matter how hard you fought or how fast you ran away, it was going to occur and there was nothing you could do to stop it. It was truly an epic moment in gaming if you ask me.]

Bonus Question #2: Harry asks, "If Gamestop didn't exist, how screwed would your games library be?"

If GameStop didn't exist, my game library would probably be a little thinned out. It wouldn't be too bad though, as I've bought quite a few games on Amazon that I couldn't find at GameStop, but it'd take a hit nonetheless.

[SAINT: I thought GameStop was like the Jedi archives - instead of "If a system does not appear in our records, then it does not exist?" It would be something like, "If a game does not appear on our shelves, then it does not exist"? There are certainly a number of alternative sites you can purchase games from. Honestly, I think I buy more games from Steam now than anywhere else.]

Bonus Question #3: Saint asks, "Is there a big demand for a professional moustache grower and does it pay well?"

The mustache business is booming my friend. Just check out Southern Comforts "Whatever's Comfortable" commercial. You'll see our current flag carrier in action. As far as pay goes, we have to degrade ourselves just to make a few pennies. I even filled in for a mannequin at the local gentlemen's shop just to make rent last month. You have to have that passion, you know?

[SAINT: Doh! I'm afraid to Google that and see what might come up. It definitely sounds like one of those jobs that Confucius talked about when he said, "Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life."]

Bonus Question #4: Saint asks, "If your life was a song, what would the title be?"

If my life were a song, the title would be "Up In The Clouds". I'm really tall, and I day dream more than I should. It might be a somewhat bland title, but it's the lyrics that would hit home.

[SAINT: Well, I suppose that's a lot better than Poison's "Look What The Cat Dragged In". It's probably no surprise I like video games, so I would have to pick a video game inspired song and what better game to pick from than Portal 2. I'd like to think it would be something like "I'm Different" but others might think "I AM NOT A MORON" is a better candidate.]

Ask Me A Question And I Might Just Answer It.

Hannibal asks, "A mysterious, magical, all powerful figure approaches you. In one hand he holds a stone with Half Life 3's release date written under it. In the other hand he holds a device that allows you to simply think a blog, or novel into existence, thus avoiding the writing process and siphoning all of your best ideas for whatever you're writing onto Microsoft Word, completely edited. Then in his third hand he holds a key, and behind him stands a door. What's behind the door is a mystery, and the key isn't even guaranteed to unlock it. You must destroy two of the options and take one. Which item do you take, and which two do you destroy?"

 [SAINT: An interesting and thought provoking question, for sure. For a minute, I thought I was the mysterious, magical and all powerful figure. How could I approach myself? I nearly missed the fact he had three hands and realized it couldn't be me then. To get to my answer I first used a process of elimination and immediately dismissed the allure of the whole key and door prize. I've seen the grip that greed can have on people and I'm not usually influenced by it. I'd much rather know exactly what I'm getting. So it comes down to Half Life 3 release date or the blog o' matic. It's really a rather simple choice. Part of my fascination and interest with blogging is the actual construction process with thinking of an idea and molding it into a finished product. The blog o' matic would certainly streamline and automate the process, but I'm not so sure that would be a good thing for me. Give me the release date to Half Life 3 - I know exactly what I'm getting and would be the first to blog about it and reveal it to the entire video game industry. Blogs come and go...but a blog of that magnitude could be remembered for a lifetime.]

A special thanks to Hannibal for spending some time with us while divulging a few details about his gaming personality. To read more about Hannibal, view his GIO profile here.