Blog Herding and Member Herding on the same day? Right on!

Last week I strongly considered doing a CO-OP Member Herding. It would've been the first of its kind. Interviewing two people at once could've been a unique element but I scrapped the idea, finally deciding nobody wants to share the spotlight no matter how much they like the person sharing it. So, I opted for indiejones, co-host of The Indie & Mojo Show. So this week, it only makes sense to interview the other half of the podcast - one of Game Informer's most respectable and stand up guys, as well as one of my favorite GIO personalities, none other than...

GIO Name:


GIO Rank:

Veteran Member - Level 13

Gaming Experience (Years playing):

About 8 total, split up in sections of 2 years and 6 years (and counting)

Last Game Completed:

Dead Island

Currently Playing:

Gears of War 3/Rage...I must admit I may not get back to Gears until after Rage

Origin of GIO Profile Name:

I had a pretty boring name for the first couple years I was on the old site and then the new site (jeremy78). About a year ago I decided to become more creative. I had recently started buying things from and they have a monkey mascot (Timmy). I liked the idea of having monkey in there somewhere; I was brainstorming and remembered the Powerpuff Girls had a character that went by mojojo or something like that. 12 is a number that means a lot to me for various reasons that I may get into at another time. I liked the sound of mojomonkey12 and ran with it.

And now for everybody's favorite element of Member Herding...the questions.

Five Randomly Generated Questions + Five Bonus questions

1. As the driving force behind TEAM GIO and the Extra Life charity event that benefits the Children's Hospital; and as the author of a blog talking about growing and positively impacting the future generation of gamers, by all outward appearances you seem to be a very humble and down to earth person. Imagine if Bill Gates gave you a million dollars and said, "Spend this however you choose as long as it benefits others and is video game related." What would you do with the money? (And it doesn't have to all be spent on one project).

What do you think a gamer will look like (demographics) in the next 5-10 years and will mainstream society accept, embrace or reject the gamer lifestyle then?

For me, as an individual, I need to stay grounded because I can get very far off course in a short amount of time if I do not. As far as the Extra Life marathon goes the credit should all go to Jeromy Adams and his staff at, they have done a great job getting this thing to the level it is. Of course they had their own motivation, Tori, the young girl who fought off cancer several times before finally succumbing to the disease. Ultimately though, it is the kids that we are trying to benefit who deserve the recognition. They fight through more in one day than some of us have to endure in a lifetime. The next time you lose your connection while you are kicking butt in MP, remember there are those who have it worse. Lastly, this community has shown a ton of support for TEAM GIO and extra life. Thank you all!

Now, onto the question. I would donate the money to the PSN security fund! Nah, but that would be kind of funny. [SAINT: LOL]

This is a tough one. There are so many worthy causes, Child's Play for example. However they don't really need much help in the sense that they are big already and are doing a great job having raised well over 9 million dollars to date for games and equipment for hospitals.

I guess I would probably set up a non-profit publishing firm for small developers. If somebody had a great idea for a game but could not get it funded, I would put together a team of people that would listen to these ideas and give grants or no interest loans to these people to get them started. Instead of taking the usual publisher role, they would retain the rights to their own creations, they would be expected to donate some profits to the endowment, but they could also profit from the games and go on to make more games. We would not tie them into multi game deals, each game would be a separate agreement. I don't know that the world needs something like this, but my sense is that it could benefit all gamers. Of course the million wouldn't go real far so it would be key that we had the right people running the foundation so that we could continue to offer assistance. [SAINT: I like it.]

The pace of technology is changing so much that it will be hard to determine what the average "gamer" will look like in 7.5 years. To begin with I would have to determine what a gamer is, my opinion on that is quite simple. If you play any type of game on any type of electronic device you have the right to call yourself a gamer if you want. Those who have read my bio know how I feel about the term "hardcore" gamer. That said, I think the average gamer will be 32-40, and game an average of less than 8 hours a week. Don't underestimate the power of social network gaming people, it is here to stay whether you like it or not. Games are the biggest sellers on both the app store and Android Marketplace, people don't download a game 350 million times by mistake or fad. So I suppose by that account I think the mainstream will embrace the gaming community as a whole, or at least be much more supportive than they can be today.

Now, the people that come to site such as Gameinformer will be changed within the next decade as well. I don't think we will see full connectivity within the next decade necessarily, but within the next 15-20 years for sure. The next generation of consoles, I feel, will be mostly upgrades to what we already have. I don't think that the "big 3" are ready to go the Onlive or Gaikai route quite yet. I do think that the Xbox Marketplace and PSN will be much more robust. I expect to see game rentals available through those services, with the option to buy. Right now most games have demos so I think the transition to actual rentals is a given. I know that it may not make sense initially as they make more money off of full retail purchases, however there will always be somebody willing to rent the games and with the publishers wanting to get a bigger piece of the used game/rental pie they will have to do something. I hear more talk all the time about the "pay to play" model, and personally I would rather not have that happen. I also don't think physical game media will die in the next decade, but that will depend on whether the major players in the used game market and the publishers can get together and play nice. I would like to see them have some dialogue and find a way to satisfy all sides. I have some ideas on that, however I should probably save that for another time as my responses are long enough already!

[SAINT: I think your support for the independent developer is brilliant and not only helps the future of gaming, it could breathe some originality and creativity back into the industry. As far as the future demographic of gamers, I think it will be more socially acceptable and we'll continue to see more of the ladies pick up the controllers and have a more dominate role in the development and production of video games, but I also think video games will catch a lot more flak for issues like violence, obesity, etc.]

2. You commented on my blog about reading profiles, so you know I've checked yours out...and I'm going to take you up on your dare. Why do you love and hate Zelda?

Alright, this is a pretty long story the way I tell it, and I was actually about to post a blog on this before you asked the question (apologies to all those who asked in the past couple of weeks for the delay).

For those who have heard this story, I am going to leave the first half out for the sake of longevity. I will blog about that at some point as it has more to do with how I got my first NES than the actual Zelda part.

Anyway, it took me a long time to get my NES. When I finally got it, I was ecstatic! I could finally play some of the games my friends had played. Of course I got SMB/DH with the console. That was the only game I had for quite some time. I played SMB nonstop after school for like a month straight, after Duck Tales and Chip n Dales Rescue Rangers was over of course.

I lived with my grandmother and my little cousin. Of course I was expected to share, so I did the unplugged controller trick as she was still young enough to fall for it. I was getting pretty good at stomping goombas...finally.

One day, out of the blue, my uncle showed up to our house. He was here visiting and I was happy to see him. I eagerly asked him if he wanted to play Nintendo. He said sure. We played, we had fun, and it was really cool. After a couple of weeks it became apparent he wasn't leaving, reinforced by the fact that he moved from the couch to my bedroom one day while I was at school. I was now made to share a room with my little cousin.

My uncle hijacked my Nintendo. He was constantly playing it. He would let me be Luigi; however he had to die before it was my turn and he was much better than me. He could play for what felt like hours between turns and I would get sick of waiting and find something else to do. This lasted a while but eventually he started playing a bit less. I was happy to be able to play again.

This is when it happened. That gold cartridge that I hated so much for so long made its first appearance in my life. My uncle had borrowed the game from a buddy. Initially I didn't think much of it; I assumed it was a two player game like Mario. He became obsessed with that game, he would only let me play after all his lives were gone and I could not ever use his "file". I had my own and never had more than 3 hearts and I would promptly die. I would watch him and he would get lost and look for a way through dungeons/areas for hours at a time. This was well before the www was available to us; there was no help for him. Frankly after a couple of weeks I knew it was hopeless. I had appealed to my grandmother and although she did intervene, it didn't make much of a difference. I could play occasionally on weekend mornings before he woke up, but that was about it, I gave up, I came to resent the game, and for years afterword every time I heard the name Zelda it made me angry. Eventually this uncle left town, but not before selling my Nintendo to somebody.

It wasn't until I started gaming again 15 years later that I played another Zelda title. I fell in love with the series and the rest is history. I now have finished many of the games, I collect a ton of Zelda stuff, and I absolutely think the series is amongst the best in gaming history.

[SAINT: Wait, what?!? Your Uncle...stole...your Nintendo...and sold it to somebody! That is an outrage. That's kind of a sad, depressing story but thanks for sharing it. I always enjoy hearing people's personal testimonies of their early video game memories. There will be day when it won't be as significant of an event.]

3. Mass Effect presents the gamer with some difficult decisions and challenging situations. When you played the game, did you find you made decisions that only benefited you or the humans, or did you try and evaluate each scenario involving other alien races with a neutral moral compass? As a follow up, in the final scene of Mass Effect 2, it becomes obvious some of the characters you select are not going to survive the battle. What was your logic for selecting NPCs you knew weren't going to make it? What is your most memorable moment in the Mass Effect series?

The Mass Effect series is commercially and critically acclaimed for good reason, because it rocks. Generally in any "morality" game I play the good guy. In fact when I played the evil side of Infamous 2 for the platinum trophy, I used a Kessler skin on Cole so that I wouldn't feel as bad!

The choices I made generally benefitted as many people as possible, that said I am certainly a homer for the human race. I did understand the angst that some of the other characters/species felt toward the human race and when having those conversations I would always take the diplomatic approach. I've played both games through more than once so the specific scenarios are kind of blurred to me as to which game they were in. I saved the Arachni queen, and was sad to have to eliminate Liara's mother. It was pure hell choosing between Kaiden and Ashley, like seriously, I hated having to make that decision. I chose Ashley each time though ;) It hurt my feelings when she snubbed me in the second game, but after that I didn't feel bad pursuing a relationship with Tali. I also chose to not save the council, opting for helping more people.

As far as the suicide mission, that was tough also. I liked Kelly and it sucked that I would no longer be able to flirt with her on the Normandy, even though she wasn't a teammate, I felt a real connection to her. Picking who went where I just kind of used my best judgment on who I thought would do the best job. I lost people on the 360 playthrough, if I recall, Thane didn't make it and either did Jack. I did have all the ship upgrades and had done all the loyalty missions so it was just an error on my part on picking who did what. On the PS3 playthrough I managed to keep everybody alive, but only because I had learnt from my mistakes....and the guide that came free with the game.

My most memorable moment in the Mass Effect series so far is having to choose between Kaiden and Ashley. That really resonated with me. Keep in mind that when I played ME1 the first time I was a relatively "new" gamer. This game amazed me; it is quite possible that it made me fall in love with the RPG genre. I know that it isn't a traditional RPG, but the story, the ability to choose and the customization really made me feel a part of the world. Heck I even liked the Mako missions, especially compared to the mining in the second game.

[SAINT: Hah I'm not the only one that felt that way about Kelly, eh? That was a sad day. I mean, she watched my fish for me when I went planet side. I thought we had something going. I found I ended up selecting people I didn't really care about in the suicide run.  Apparently I made Jack angry early on, so she was one of the first to go. But yeah, I agree with you on Mass Effect 1 and 2 - clearly some of the best examples of video games known to man.]

4. You're on a plane destined for a huge gaming tournament in South Korea when the plane crashes on a deserted island in the Pacific. You and three others swim to shore and find a generator, a TV, a Playstation 3, and a game (got to love Pelican cases). You estimate you enough have fuel in the generator for 8 hours of gaming. What game do you hope is in the case, and what three people (anybody but family members) are there with you? Do you have one huge gaming marathon until the generator runs dry or conserve fuel and play a little each day?

Hmm.....well the fact that it is only a PS3 makes the decision a bit easier. You didn't specify that it had to be community members (which is good because 3 would be impossible for me to choose). I would want Ken Levine, Shigeru Miyamoto, and Gabe Newell to be on the plane with me (we are going to assume that either Ken or Gabe can translate). We would play Portal 2, because it could be finished in 8 hours and we could switch off coop partners and you don't need online to play the coop as I assume we didn't happen to land in a spot with a wifi connection. We would play for 8 hours straight and then focus on getting off the island. I would wow them all with my intelligence and they would want to all offer me a very high paying job within their companies.

[SAINT: Interesting choices. As much as I admire Miyamoto, I'm not sure he would be on my list. Gabe Newell is a definite contender. Portal 2, not what I was expecting but I could totally see that. I enjoyed the game and yes, it could be finished in that amount of time. Could you imagine playing Portal 2 with Gabe Newell? So maybe the next question is which company would you have gone to work for?]

5. If you visit the Valve offices, which I have not but I have seen a pic, you would see "Gordon Freeman's crowbar" in a display case. If you could have a collectible from any game, what would it be? You admit to having "an extensive selection of video game related collectible stuff" - what is your favorite item and why? Video games historically depreciate in value - do you think as we see the transition to digital distribution, that physical copies of video games will become more collectible and more valuable?

If I could have a collectible from any game I would want the Uncharted Fortune Hunter Edition. It was a very cool CE that was truly limited and very hard to get. It could not be bought retail and they were selling on Ebay at one point for well over $3,000. That is probably my most sought after real life example. Now if it were something from a game that has not necessarily ever been made into a collectible, I think it would be pretty cool to have a replica of the Portal gun, complete with potato attachment. I do know that some Turret statues are being made so I hope to get one of those.

My favorite collectibles I own...well I really like my Skull Kid statue, the entire line of First4Figures Zelda statues is amazing, but the Skull Kid is my favorite. He is not too big or too small and the detail and pose are perfect.  I also had a replica of the Hilda Garde and Highwind made for me by a metal artist. They are one of a kind and pretty amazing. I also have many of the harder to find Play Arts figures, such as Advent Children Tifa, Valor Form Sora, and Roxas.  There are bootlegs out there, but I have the real deal.

I do think the potential for some games to become more valuable as digital distribution gains momentum is certainly there. I know personally I have decided to not trade in or sell any more games. I want to have a nice collection when it is all said and done. That said, I would much rather have a figure or something else than just the game as a memento for the games I enjoy. I get so jealous watching videos of people like Andrew Reiner show off their offices, but then again, I actually have some stuff that they probably wish they had!

[SAINT: That is too cool. It's kind of ironic reading your answer because I just listened to your podcast where you talk about your new Link statue. Sounds like you have quite the collection, which would make a great blog unless you are against showing it off. I don't know that I have any cool video game memorabilia...comic book stuff yes, but not necessarily video game stuff. I am fond of my Atari 2600 Combat cartridge, but it isn't worth anything...just nostalgia.]

Bonus Question #1: indiejones asks, "If you could live in any game world what would it be and why?"

If I could live in any game world what would it be? So does a game that is more of a universe made up of different worlds count as one world? For example if I were to live in the Kingdom Hearts or Mass Effect universe, I could travel to a bunch of different worlds!

I don't want to continue to cheat at the answers, so I will say Gaia. Gaia is the Final Fantasy IX world, it is full of wonder and amazement. There is plenty of shopping, entertainment, and excitement. If I could chill with Vivi, well that would be just alright, even if meant letting Quina be a part of the crew.

[SAINT: I know very little about Final Fantasy, so hard for me to comment. I think I would have to say the Old Republic universe. I mean, its Star Wars, right?!?]

Bonus Question #2: indiejones asks, "What's more terrifying; Aliens? Zombies? Vampires? or Twilight fans?"                                           

D. Bronies....just kidding I love the Bronies, having some of them play games for the Extra Life marathon automatically makes TEAM GIO 20% cooler(sorry, it's the only reference I know).

Have you ever dated an Alien, Zombie, or Vampire? I haven't, but I have dated a Twilight Fan, and I can safely say after that, bring on the Invasion, Hoard, and whatever a group of Vampires would be called. Twilight Fans are truly scary, they steal favorite t-shirts and never give them back, you invite them to a weekend getaway and they think it is a marriage proposal. They seem to think that you actually give a crap that Bella is confused, no I say she is well aware of what she is doing. They sincerely think that after dating for a week you are willing to get rid of your pets because they are allergic. So the answer is clearly Twilight Fans.

[SAINT: Bronies...hah hah. That made me chuckle. Of the options listed, I'd have to agree. I can handle zombies and problem. Vampires might be a bit more challenging, but Twilight Fans...I'd probably go out like Will Smith in I Am Legend.]

Bonus Question #3: indiejones asks, "Describe your perfect first date?"

What the heck kind of question is this indie! You aren't trying to set me up with your sister or something are you? Alright, just in case there are any eligible ladies reading this, I am happy to describe an ideal first date. Warning, this could come across as pretty lame to most of you.

I am actually kind of boring so if you are looking for some provocative answer, well look somewhere else. If you know me I actually really enjoy a lot of romantic, sappy types of movies and songs. A "perfect" first date would start with meeting somewhere mutually agreed upon(you know because you need to have the option to bail on a first date). I would be wearing something nice but not like I am going to a business meeting, I would want the gal to dress comfortably but I must say either a cute little sundress or just jeans and a (dead space?) t-shirt are both fine by me.

I would like to meet at a public place like a mall or something that has a large variety of options. It is neat to get to know somebody in that type of environment, especially if they are willing to be comfortable with themselves. I don't like it when people won't answer questions honestly on a date. If I ask you what type of food you like it is because I genuinely want to know so that I can cater to your preferences when we go out to dinner. If I ask about favorite movies it is to start to get to know you and to try to start a conversation. I cannot stand the "I don't know" response; I mean c'mon, we are adults here, hopefully....

I feel a good first date should leave me wanting more, so no real romantic stuff. That doesn't mean that we cannot show some affection if there is some interest, but if I am at the point in my life where one night stands no longer interest me. A goodnight peck on the cheek or quick closed mouth kiss on the lips and a nice hug is just about right, but only if it feels real and not forced.

Over dinner I want to have a real conversation, ideally it would be both of us taking turns asking questions of each other. This is a great time to discuss our favorite hobbies and things that are important to us. If we can live with each other's answers, perhaps we continue on to a movie or preferably a theater performance of some sort.

The evening would end with the look that says, "yes I could see myself spending a lot of time with you", without the need to actually say it. We would separate and then I would go home and play some awesome games and it wouldn't be bothered at all if I got a text or a call sometime in the next couple of days. This sounds like a script for an eharmony commercial!

[SAINT: More irony, because again...this was kind of discussed in your podcast. What makes this even more humorous is Indiejones had no idea who the next person would be...had no idea it was going to be you. The last person to be herded never knows who the next person is; the questions are always somewhat generic. But it really worked out perfect this time around.]

Bonus Question #4: Saint asks, "Your podcast listeners, me included, hear your voice from week to week but don't have a mental image of what you look like. Give us a character (video game, TV or movie) that you want us to picture you as?"

People often tell me that I look like Brad Pitt, and I politely thank them and respond that I am much better looking than Brad Pitt. Of course if my Dr. is correct, I may end up like a bald John Goodman if I don't change my ways soon!

If this is about what I want you all to picture me as, well I want you to picture something as close to the real me as possible, so.......Johnny Depp, savvy?  Okay enough with the jokes. Maybe Jonah Hill, I guess without the big frizzy hairdo.

[SAINT: Hah Hah...I'm reminded of the scene from Pirates where they call him Jack Sparrow and he politely's Captain Jack Sparrow...followed by the line, quite possibly the worst pirate I've ever heard of..."but you have heard of me." So yeah, from this day forward unless we meet in person, you will always be Captain Jack Sparrow to me. Savvy. Doesn't hurt I'm predisposed to pirates. There's a reason why, but alas...we're short on time. Maybe I'll share that sometime.]

Bonus Question #5: Saint asks, "What would I find in your refrigerator right now?"

When we first adopted our cat (Sweetie Michael Brown), she would jump in our refrigerator at any given opportunity. I finally shut the door with her in there one time and she didn't do it again (only for a second, put down the pitchfork eyros).

If this question is in relation to my job title, then there is a stark contrast. I am not the most healthy eater at home, although we are improving in that area. The truth is that there isn't a whole lot of anything in our fridge at any given time! I am a teetotaler, so you won't find any booze, I do drink a megaton of diet soda and bottled water and orange juice. Since I have a kid there is the usual stuff, Capri sun, string cheese, pudding and jell-oTM cups, yogurt, you know all the snack food stuff. I tend to be the kind of guy that goes to the store after work most days and buy something to make for dinner, I usually don't save leftovers, so other than some snack foods and liquids and of course condiments there isn't a ton to see. I do always have stuff for a salad though because I like salad a lot. If I was smart I would eat a healthier salad, but I like things like cheese, croutons, and dressing (if you are spritzing your dressing on your salad you are missing out) on my lettuce.

[SAINT: Hah Hah...just a random question that was picked even before you were...LOL. Sounds a lot like my refrigerator and that is the only way to stomach a salad...judicious amounts of toppings. I'm more of a Coke Zero fan even though I collect Pepsi memorabilia. Weird, I know. I'd say that's a pretty normal loadout.]

Closing Remarks by Mojomonkey12:

[SAINT: SAY WHAT!?! Closing remarks...this has to be a first. Okay this time...this time I'll allow it.]

I suppose right about now, Saint is reevaluating his decision on this particular member herding! Anyway, I want to personally thank Saint publicly, clearly this is a huge honor and I am proud to be member number 40 of XX(X?). A year or so ago, when I would see that little blue box on people's profiles, I was stalking many of you before I felt comfortable enough to "contribute", I thought it was from being featured in Community Blog Herding.  I soon realized that this was a different beast, the people with that blue box displayed it very proudly and they seemed to be some great people. I never aspired to be in Saint's Member Herding per say, I have always just tried to be myself. So it feels great knowing that I am doing this as somebody who is as sincere, and open on an internet community website as I would be in real life. So are so many of the people here and that is why I absolutely love the Gameinformer Online Community.

Anyway, I am not thanking Saint for choosing me, I am thanking him for his contribution to this community and the impact he has had on the blog section of GIO. It is admirable that a man that is given so little time to play games between his duties in the Navy, and his responsibilities as a parent dedicates so much of that time to us. Thank you Saint. [SAINT: It's truly my pleasure, but stop before I cry. No, really...I mean it. It's guys like you that make it worthwhile.]

Since I didn't get a chance in my answers, I also want to recognize some of my favorite GIOers. There are clearly way too many to name, so if you aren't on here, don't feel bad.

The pieloving Gamer-You aren't on as much as you once were, I suppose that is because you are busy raising the academic threshold for your fellow high school students. You my friend give me hope in a great future for our country. You give gamers a good name, getting honors class A's by day and playing some awesome games by night. You are a remarkable dude, you have some great parents, and I admire the respect you show them by honoring their wishes. Now let's get that Portal 2 plat!

Fever Ray-With your even keel and logical approach to most things I enjoy reading your comments. I often wonder why you don't write some more blogs, I am sure they would be excellent.  Also, you seem to have a similar sense of humor to my own, so that automatically makes you cooler than most.

Eyros2k-I admire all that you are to this community, from the advice you are always willing to give people, the passion you have for games is clear. Your bio is awesome you jerk and I am very happy for you and the matriarch! You should totally name your next cat after me.

Shootist-You may not ever know how much our conversations have meant to me, I truly appreciate all of your kind, wise words, not to mention you are a hell of a fun coop partner! Now if only I could stay awake long enough to play with you more often!

Indiejones-what can I say my friend, except try harder. I am glad our paths have crossed, because it is an absolute blast doing the podcast together, in addition I feel we are a great team so thank you for not ignoring my first conversation I sent you like I was secretly hoping you would.

Well that is all I have people. Once again thank you all for all you do!

You keep it classy Game Informer........Thanks for stopping by!

[SAINT: Hah.  Take that! I always get the last word. Muhahaha.]

A special thanks to mojomonkey12 for spending some time with us while divulging a few details about his gaming personality. To read more about mojomonkey12, view his GIO profile here.

(You deserve it!)