Greetings fellow denizens of Game Informer Online. To deliver on a promise I made yesterday about posting a real blog tonight, I present one of the real crowd pleasers - the latest episode of Member Herding. Please hold your applause until the end of the blog. Hard to believe we're already up to number 27. Tonight's newest member was selected by answering a random question buried in one of my filler blogs from a day or so ago.

I believe the question was...

You know what they say about Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte...

Well, if you're like have no idea what Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte is other than a couple of German words. So, if you cut and paste that into Google and did a search, you would've most likely been treated to a few pictures and a link to the Wikipedia entry for Black Forest Cake...which some gamers would recognize as the cake from Portal...and everyone knows or should know that when you talk phrases, cake and Portal...the only logical answer could be...

The Cake is a Lie.

Which was indeed the answer. And the winner who gave me the answer first...

Was indeed...

GIO Name: Fife

GIO Rank: Power Member - Level 9

Gaming Experience (Years playing): 12 Years

Last Game Completed: COD: Black Ops

Currently Playing: NHL 11, COD: Black Ops, TES IV: Oblivion

Origin of GIO Profile Name: When I was in eighth grade my English class had to read Shakespeare's Macbeth. There's a character in that play named Macduff, whose official title is the Thane of Fife. My last name is Pfeiffer (pronounced Fife-er). My friends have been calling me Fife ever since...

Five Randomly Generated Questions + x Bonus questions

1. Many of the pundits (including some from Game Informer) are suggesting that 2011 could be the best year of video gaming that we've experienced in some time? Do you agree, why or why not? Which game scheduled to be released in 2011 do you think will get delayed and how long?

I absolutely agree. 2011 has the potential to be the best year video gaming has ever had. Just read THIS. And those are just the games that have already been announced. There's bound to be another COD game in November. And doesn't Nintendo's 3DS come out in 2011? In terms of which game I think will be delayed, I'm gonna go with L.A. Noire. Rockstar is taking some huge leaps forward with their MotionScan technology. It's pretty groundbreaking stuff, and I think L.A. Noire is gonna be an amazing game, but I just have a feeling it will be delayed. My guess is that it gets delayed one month, just like Red Dead Redemption.

 [SAINT: Well, I agree and disagree. I think for as many high points we'll be treated too, there are certainly going to be some disappointments along the way as well. There will be some delays...count on it. I'm kind of excited for L.A. least the premise behind it...but I almost wish it was more modern, like a CSI, or least a decent translation of CSI (I know there is a CSI game already). I guess we'll see how it works out though.]

2. In Game Informer's 2011 predictions the author of that piece suggested that Nintendo will announce a successor to the Wii in 2011. Do you agree or disagree? Please explain why. Can you think of any features you'd like to see in Nintendo's next console? What would you name it?

I agree with GI on this one. I think the successor to the Wii will be announced sometime in 2011. Nintendo used to have the market cornered when it came to motion gaming. A year ago, if you wanted motion gaming, you had to buy the Wii. Now the Wii has some competition with Kinect and Move. If Nintendo wants to stay ahead of the pack on motion gaming, I think they'll have to announce the Wii's successor in 2011. Features I'd like to see in Nintendo's next console? I'm probably the wrong person to ask... I'm an Xbox 360 guy and I'm not really into motion gaming. I've always thought Nintendo, especially the Wii, was kind of childish. To win me over, Nintendo would have to totally revamp their next console and make it more like the 360 and PS3. A real controller would be a start... I would name it Nintendo Me.

[SAINT: Well it's hard to go against what Game Informer thinks since they're the experts and it's hard to tell whether they have the inside scoop, but I just don't get the feeling we'll hear anything about the Wii successor. If we do, I think it will come much later in the year and it will probably be leaked unofficial information. But what the heck do I know, heh heh. Nintendo Me...hah...that's great. I love it. Except...there was that whole Windows Me...]

3. In most First Person Shooters, it's quicker to pull out your secondary weapon instead of reloading your primary one right there on the spot. Which tactic are you more likely to use when you face an opponent and find your primary weapon has run out of ammo - pull the secondary or reload the primary? Give us a recap of one of your most amazing video game kills.

I've always considered myself pretty skilled when it comes to First Person Shooters, but you've touched on my main weakness with this question. I'm a reloading fiend. I almost never pull out my secondary. As soon as I finish killing someone, I immediately press X. It's become a habit that I cannot break. Every single one of my COD classes has Sleight of Hand on. I can't survive without it... A recap of my most amazing video game kill? Last year my roommate and I had a $50 bet going to see who could be the first to get a random throwing knife kill in Modern Warfare 2. It started out as a joke... We'd look up in the sky and randomly chuck a throwing knife across the map while shouting, "Kobe!" It took me about three months, but I finally got it, right after the spawn, while playing S&D on Rundown. It was a Friday afternoon and my roommate, myself, and a bunch of our buddies where under the influence of certain beverages. We went crazy... He had to pay up... Good times...

[SAINT: Hah! I always love when I come up with a question that just seems to naturally go with the person. Of course I had no idea how you would respond to reloading or shifting to secondary, but that was a great response. Also, loved the amazing kill story. I've blogged about this topic before, but I always love hearing new war stories, and that was a good one. Fifty bucks, eh? Man, y'all play for keeps!]

4. Have you ever had a dream about a video game, or dreamed you were in a video game? Tell us about it, assuming its rated E for Everyone. (Question dedicated to born4this).

Yes I have. I'd say my biggest fear is zombies. I've had reoccurring nightmares about zombies ever since I saw Dawn of the Dead in 2004. After playing Left 4 Dead my zombie nightmares stared to incorporate aspects of that game. Now every once in a while I'll be running from Tanks and Hunters in my dreams. I've also been daydreaming about playing TES V for about four years now...

[SAINT:OMG that was so funny. Dean, you hear that? Now you can both have video game inspired dreams about zombies now! Have you watched The Walking Dead? If not, you might not want to...especially if you have a zombie nightmare issue. That was a great story and I'm just glad you shared it with us. Left 4 Dead nightmares...yeah...I could see that happening...]

5. Commander Shepherd is going on some much needed R and R and has left you in charge of the Normandy. While he is away, the call to conduct an emergency sortie comes in and you and your crew have to get the ship in orbit. You need to staff the following positions: the Executive Officer, the Navigator, the Weapons Officer, the Engineering Officer and the Medical Officer. Who would you pick to man these positions (and you can use either GIO Community Members or Video Game Characters)?

This is a tough one...Well the Executive Officer would obviously be you Saint, because you're the man. My Navigator would be Kat from Halo: Reach. She's super intelligent and always seems to know what's going on. Plus I love her voice...My Weapons Officer would be Captain John Price. Why? The muttonstache that's why...I'm not really sure what an Engineering Officer is/does so I'll be random and pick Conker from Conker's Bad Fur Day because he's awesome and funny and gets into all kinds of shenanigans. My Medical Officer would be Louis from Left 4 Dead. Those L4D survivors know their way around a First Aid Kit...

 [SAINT: Wow. Loved those answers, especially the Medical Officer one. That would be one heck of a crew now wouldn't it. All aboard!]

BONUS Questions x 3:

Koob24 asks, "What was your favorite video game memory of 2010?"

My favorite video game memory of 2010 would have to be a tie between Red Dead Redemption's story and seeing Todd Howard announce The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim at the VGAs. Red Dead Redemption was the most moving video game experience I've had in my 19 years of life. But it's still only my second all-time favorite game. My first would be Oblivion. I'm an Elder Scrolls fanatic, so you can imagine how excited I was when TES V was finally announced after four long years... I squealed like a little girl...

 [SAINT: Well, I'd have to agree with RDR, but I would also like to add that in one of the latest Game Informer podcasts, two of the three (or was it three of the four) hosts all said RDR was their game of the year. They also talked about some other games like Mass Effect 2, but I don't recall one mention of the games that got 10s, like GoW or Star Craft. Interesting...that's all I'm gonna say! LOL.]

Koob24 asks, "What video game are you most excited about in 2011?"

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim hands down. It's not so much my most anticipated game of 2011 as it is my most anticipated game EVER!

[SAINT: Portal 2. 'nuf said.]

Saint asks, "Goldilocks is trying to decide which video game she wants to play. The first one is too easy, the second is too difficult...and the third one is just right. What game is she playing?"

Goldilocks is playing Assassin's Creed 2. Not too easy, not too hard. The controls take a little getting used to, but after that the game is very balanced and streamlined. It's challenging, but never frustrating. It's one of the few games with no difficulty setting...

[SAINT: Hah Hah...I always wonder how people are going to respond to the bizarre bonus doesn't even seem liked you skipped a beat. Great answer. Great answer on all of the questions!]

A special thanks to Fife for spending some time with us while divulging a few details about his gaming personality. To read more about Fife, view his GIO profile here.

Final note...I think we're going to start seeing (or at least reading) a lot more from Fife around our little sand box. He posted the first blog in an ongoing series tonight and it's been getting great reviews thus far. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should. I've even provided a handy dandy little convenient link to it right over here.

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