The Member Herding blogs are some of my favorite blogs to publish. They tend to be fun and light hearted; and they're an opportunity to get to know members in the GIO community. I have to be honest, I wasn't really in the "fun and light hearted" mood tonight. Actually, tonight was almost the first time in 246 consecutive blogs that I skipped a night.

But then I read the profile of this week's selected member and I had a change of heart. This person had the following comment in their profile:

"I also love animals. I have many dogs...yes I know I have a lot of dogs but they are part of my family."

It's ironic...because I have a couple of dogs myself and they ARE indeed part of the family. One our dogs is old and sick...and well...I'll leave it at that and maybe you'll understand why I'm not feeling fun and lighthearted. But after reading this person's profile...I decided the show must go on...and so, here it is...this week's newest member.

Welcome to the herd.

GIO Name: Cody Gilley

GIO Rank: Veteran Member - Level 11

Gaming Experience (Years playing): 14 years

Last Game Completed: Dead Rising 2

Currently Playing: Enslaved, and Castlevania LOS

Five Randomly Generated Questions:

1. While I don't have an actual Atari 2600, I do still have a mint "Combat" cartridge for the Atari 2600. What is the oldest game you have in your collection, what system is it for and do you still play it?

Let's see, the oldest game I have is probably Pong for the Atari 2600. As for playing it that's another story. I am not a person that usually tries to replay games from previous generations. As classic as they may be, let's face it, sometimes playing as an ambiguous block hitting another ambiguous block isn't as tempting when I have Demon's Souls sitting in the same bookcase. So no I don't still play pong but maybe one day I will dust off the old Atari 2600 and go into an AVGN style rant.

[SAINT: Wow. So you still have an Atari 2600? Nice! I'd have to agree, I'm not one to really go back and play a lot of the classics when there are so many good games available. There's only so much time in a day and I'd rather keep the fond memories of the classics than play them now and be disappointed.]

2. I like zombies and they make an appearance in a number of my blogs. The gaming community seems to be ablaze with zombie modes...with RDR being one of the latest to succumb to the infestation. Why zombies? Are you a fan of zombies (If so, what is your favorite zombie game)? If not zombies, then what?

That is a funny question I was just about to post a blog on the history of zombies in games but I figured that everyone already knew the general history. I may still do the blog if I get the time. I am a zombie lover. I will admit zombies have always been one of my favorite types of enemies to face because of the diversity. They can be scary, funny, and challenging depending on the context. As for my favorite zombie game that is a tough one. I have been a fan of the ridiculous Resident Evil games having tried to justify the nonsensical storyline, but I actually have to go with Dead Space because of how non-traditional the undead are in that game.

[SAINT: Cool. Another zombie lover. Dead space reminds me of a book I read, "Death Trooper". It's a Star Wars zombie book that is nicely done. Anyway, yeah...I like zombies. My favorite is...well, I don't know if they are zombies in the traditional sense, but the zombie like creatures from Half Life 2...the head crab zombie like creatures. Yeah...those were my favorite.]

3. Would you rather win a lifetime subscription to Game Informer magazine or spend the day hanging out with the Game Informer staff playing video games? Why?

Well, seeing as I have had a GI subscription for years I would have to go with hanging out with the Game Informer staff. They have always struck me as a great group of people who just love gaming and would be fun to play video games with. Plus it would be a nice change from playing with all the trash talkers online (you know who you are).

[SAINT: Yeah, I'd have to agree. Spending the day with the GI staff would be a unique opportunity and the magazine isn't all that expensive. I'd gladly pay that bill each year in exchange for a play date with the GI staff. So, perhaps the better question is...which GI Staff member would you challenge to a duel and what game would you play...LOL.]

4. Current statistics indicate that digital distribution makes up about half of video game sales. Do you prefer going to a brick and mortar store like GameStop or Best Buy to purchase your games or are you one of the half that downloads it electronically? How much longer do you think the traditional stores will be around before it's one hundred percent digital distribution?

Ah, digital distribution. I have noticed it has been increasing greatly over the years. Me personally, I like having a hard copy of whatever I happen to purchase, and the only time I have digitally downloaded a game is if it is an arcade game because, well there is no other alternative. I think that traditional stores will not be going anywhere for a long time because we as a whole are not ready to fully embrace digital downloads. Look at the PSP Go. It was a major flop. Then again it may have been a flop because it was a new PSP.

[SAINT: The PSP Go was a flop because of that hefty price least that's what I think. You may be right about the digital distribution, but given the increase we've seen I'm beginning to think we're only a few years away from digital distribution being the 80 to 90% of the distribution method. I guess we'll see.]

5. If you were an inanimate object in a video game, what would you be?

If I was an inanimate object in a game I think I would be the rock that gets everyone stuck. You know the one where you are trying to get to another objective or grab that cool weapon that one rock that just seems out of place and in the way because if I can't move I at least am going to make you throw that controller at your TV.

[SAINT: Hah Hah. Now that's a great answer. And YES! I do know that rock you speak of. It seems to make an appearance in some form or fashion in every game I've played.]


* No bonus questions this time. Sorry. I was running behind and didn't have time to coordinate a bonus question this week *

A special thanks to Cody Gilley for spending some time with us while divulging a few details about his gaming personality. To read more about Cody Gilley, view his GIO profile here.

NOTE: There isn't going to be a trivia question this week. You'll see why on the next Member Herd.