Ok guys I'm going to level with you on this one. I am too exhausted to put much effort into writing up the blog for this episode. My life has been crazy for the past couple weeks due to moving out of my house and back in with the rents for a while to save money. With that move comes internet problems, causing me to want to throw my Dad's Mac through a window and searching the entire house for the wifi network key that my technologically-challenged parents don't seem to know even existed in the first place. 

So with that said, I am just going to let you listen to this episode and not bother yourselves with my ridiculous situation. It really is ridiculous. I hate Macs, just so you know. I mean really, you should've heard me swearing at it last night. Anyway, this episode with Dave aka Hist was recorded last week and next week's episode was recorded this week so that we don't need to record the week of Thanksgiving, but we will at least still post an episode. 

Seriously though, I hate Macs. They aren't as intuitive and easy to use as everyone would have you believe. It's the equivalent of learning a new language such as Spanish which everyone says is super easy to learn but yo no hablo espanol muy bueno. See? 

So yeah, we have a contest this week and next week which people can win a PSN download code for Chono Trigger courtesy of our friends of the show at Square Enix. All you need to do is comment on Shootist2600's blog about the new GIO FanFic Fellowship. Participation isn't needed but definitely encouraged. Next week's show will feature Mr. Shootist as a guest as well so stay tuned for that. 

We shout out some other people this week but you'll need to listen to find out who they are. 

Our music this week is provided by Reiner's band Tripping Icarus. Thanks to Reiner for permission to use the band's music. Check out more at their website.

Ok now on to the show:

The Indie & Mojo Show Episode 13...ok seriously I hate Macs. I don't know how to copy and paste a URL on a Mac so I can't link to the page but if you would kindly visit indieandmojoshow.podomatic.com to listen to the show and any others you may have missed. Anyone who wants to explain to me in the comments how I can copy and paste things on Mac OS please do. I am going crazy over here.

Anyway if you haven't subscribed to us on iTunes, then you're just plain silly and must be feeling rather sheepish right about now. 

Did I mention how much I hate Macs?? 

Stay classy Game Informer

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