We have a special podcast coming for you guys this week. We had Eyros2k on as a guest and once the three of us started talking we just kept going. We ended up with so much awesome podcasty goodness that we decided to split this episode into two. This is part 1 of The Indie & Mojo Show Episode 12.

We cover a wide range of topics including Uncharted 3, Rage, Battlefield 3, fragfest and headphones. We get into detail about how expectations can affect the way a game is perceived when it finally releases. Do demos and previews ruin a game experience for you?

We also try something new by giving some buying advice to one of my friends who I promised to shout out on this episode. Listen to hear our thoughts on buying games on a budget and what games we suggest for someone who wants to play co-op.

Also, we learn a fun fact about Jeremy. You won't want to miss it. Also...CONTESTS! We are giving away a free year subscription to Game Informer magazine to one person who comments on this episode, or the upcoming part 2 episode. We will pick the winner randomly, so leave a comment and enter to win.

We shout out three newer community members who are definitely worth checking out. They are part of a great group of writers who have just started contributing to GIO. Check out their blogs below.

The Medicinal Value of Video Games by Knapptime

Why the 3DS is Struggling, Not Doomed by SaoSauce

16, 291: A Reflection by LittleBigDaddy

They are part of a great group of writers who have just started contributing to GIO. We had a lot to say on this episode. In fact we had so much to say that we had to split it into two different episodes. Stay tuned for part two in the next few days to hear us grill Eyros about his personal life, cats, Diablo III and his shattered relationship with MMO's.

Music for this episode is performed by Vampire Weekend. Yes they're hipsters, but the music is great. Check out their website.

You can listen to this episode on our show website, or on iTunes. While you're there, give us a review and rate us so we can reach a wider audience. That would butter our biscuits.

The Indie & Mojo Show Episode 12 Part 1

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