Hello, people of Game Informer.  I have been relatively active on this site for almost two months now, and have sent and received friend requests from many of you.  However, I have remained relatively secluded in my interactions with the community, and I want that to change.  It is my goal that this blog will serve as an introduction to myself and break the ice.  However, I still wish to remain anonymous and will refrain from using my real name, location, and people and places around me.

Age: 18

Gender: Male

The Bio: I am a Halloween baby.  I was born October 31, 1993 (the oldest child, I now have a younger brother and sister) in a certain city in Kentucky.  My memories of this certain city are vague because at the age of three I moved to a certain town, also in Kentucky.  In this town, I grew up.  I attended a certain private school through first grade, but then switched to a certain public school.  However, my mother was a teacher at another school, so I changed schools again for the fourth grade.  About this same time my family started attending a certain Baptist church, but I was an idiot and refused to get involved with the church's youth. I wasn't happy with my school, so I switched schools again for fifth grade to a new private school housed in my church.  Unlike my previous school experiences, this school seemed perfect, and I remained in the school until 11th grade.  I was always in the highest grade, the school would add a year each year.  However, in 9th grade, things started turning sour.  Two new students, a midget girl in my grade and her midget sister in my brother's grade, arrived and ruined everything I enjoyed about the school.  They were obnoxious, unsanitary, and plain rude.  They were the reason why I decided to leave after the 11th grade, and because so few people were returning the high school closed.  I am now almost done with my senior year of high school as a home-schooler, and am trying to become more involved with my church's youth group to make up for my middle school years as an idiot. 

The Gamer: When I was little I got a Nintendo 64.  I was only allowed to play for an hour each day, but I reached the point to where I could beat Star Fox 64 in my time limit.  Around the same time I received a Gameboy Color with a copy of Pokemon Red.  That game series possessed me through its third generation, but I eventually abandoned Pokemon, never to look back.  In the following years, I got a Gamecube, and was first allowed to play T rated games (Metroid Prime and Star Fox Adventures were my first).  I still had the one-hour-a-day rule, but it wasn't enforced as strictly as before.  The Gamecube era lasted a long time for me, but my parents eventually purchased a Wii.  Around this time, I got my first M rated game, Halo: Combat Evolved for the PC.  Although I enjoyed many of the games on the Wii, I never truly liked any of the third-party games made for the console.  A little over two years ago, I finally got an Xbox 360, and that was when I truly became a gamer.  I am not saying that I am a skilled gamer, but I LOVE games.  Oblivion, Halo 3, Call of Duty, and many more consumed my life to this very day.  And now that I have a gaming computer, my gaming horizons are limitless.


Movie: Inception

Video Game: Skyrim

Book: Harry Potter series

Television Show: Lost or Monk

Artist: Adele or Skrillex (side note: if you haven't seen the music video for Skrillex's First of the Year (Equinox), you need to)

Youtuber: Tobuscus

That's all the general stuff I could think of.  Feel free to PM me if you want to know about my personal beliefs on different stuff, like politics, religion, etc, but I feel it is better to leave these out of the blog to avoid offending anyone.  Don't hesitate to send me a friend request or ask me anything.  Hope this blog helped!  Have a great day!