UPDATE!!!: So here we are, the start of the 72 hours. This update will tell you all the requirements of the video. As a reminder, at the bottom of this blog is a list of the rules. And again, the video must be no longer than 5 minutes. If it's over 5 minutes, Saint, Stranger, and I (the judges) will disqualify you, and that's never fun. So without further adu, I'll shall announce the requirements. I'll start with the list of genres.The four genres your video must be in is:

- Comedy

- Sci-fi

- Thriller

- Action-Adventure

These are just kinda basic guidelines. Say your video might suit better as a silent film, you could do that. You can mix-match and have as many genres together. Now the next requirement is a line someone says. It can be said at any point in the video, so long as it's there. The two lines are:

- Why does he get to be player 1?

- I sure wish that I had some bananas. 

Same as like the genres, you could do one or both, doesn't matter. And finally, you have to have an object in the screen. Doesn't matter where, or even if it's a vital part of the story, it just has to be there. So the three objects are:

- A handheld gaming system

- A battery

- A controller

Like I said, it doesn't have to be a vital part of the story, just has to be in a screen for a second. Now your video must be sent to me, Stranger, and/or Saint (try and send it to all three of us) before 9PM on the 2nd of September. Also, one other thing, I'm allowing swearing, only as long as it's used in moderate use. I can mind a bit of swearing, but nothing like every few seconds.Good luck, and we can't wait to see what you'll come up with. 




Hello members of GIO. Well recently, one of the channels on YouTube I'm subscribed to recently held a 72 hour film festival contest. I watched the best videos created, and it made me want to participate in one or maybe even host one. So I took to the Skype chatrooms (both the brony one and the GI chat, which you should join if you want some more interactivity with fellow members) and asked everyone online at the time if they'd be interested in doing this. They had a couple concerns (minor ones), but nonetheless were accepting of the idea. So, in future paragraphs, I'll tell you what a 72 hour film contest is, when it'll be, and a couple rules. 

The video that inspired this


So first of all, most of you are wondering what this whole thing is about. Well, first of all, it's not where you see how long you can watch movies for three days. What this is is you have 72 hours to write a script, shoot the video, edit, and publish the video. As I'll state later, I will not release the genres until the night before the actual contest. 


So the set date will be the August 31 to September 2. It'll last from midnight of Friday and end on midnight of Sunday. You'll have 72 hours to create the entire video from scratch and send it to me and our two judges Saint and Stranger (I just realized all our usernames start with S). 


Alright, now to the rules. A lot of the rules will be taken from the Blimeycow contest, but I'll post them here.

- The first rule is that the video must be no longer than 5 minutes long.

-There will be a line and a prop that YOU MUST USE in your video that will be shared prior to the contest.

- There will be set genres that you must base your video in also. An example, taken from Blimeycow, the people who recently held the contest: "A 'comedy' film that includes the phrase 'I have a bad feeling about this' in the dialogue and includes a telephone." Your film does not have to be based on the particular item or line.

- Please no swearing, sexual stuff or any other explicit stuff.

-And let's keep any copyrighted music out of the video. So the only kind of music you can use is music you made yourself or music that is in your editing resources. 

 I mentioned some concerns people had at the beginning of this. One was "What happens if someone has a really good camera and I have a crappy one?" (paraphrased) It does not matter how good or bad your camera and/or editing software is. We will not be judging your video on that. We are going to judge the video based on plot, characters, etc. 

*UPDATE* I forgot to mention, there is going to be a prize for the first place person. The person Saint, Stranger, and I deem the best video will win a $20 GameStop card. I would have liked to have a better prize (maybe even have it worth more), but as it's coming out of my pocket, I don't don't have a whole lot of cash, $20 will have to do. 

I do believe that is it for now. If there is anything I missed, I'll be sure to update this blog for you all to know and for the genres, items, and lines. If you have any questions whatsoever, leave a comment, PM me, or post on my profile and I'll answer. Good luck to you all, and I can't wait to see what videos you'll be able to make. 

*Update No. 2* So I was contacted by one of the Team GIO leaders Noobtubin8er, and he offered a sponsorship for this contest (here is a link to this year's announcement blog). So that means more prizes for the contest! I'll still be having the original prize open for the contest. So the two new prizes are a Steam Code for the Double Fine Bunndle (which includes Psychonauts, Costume Quest, and Stacking) and a code for the HD release of Tony Hawk Pro Skater for the 360. 

So the videos who top in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will get one of these prizes. Hopefully, this will be another great incentive to join.