Have a good weekend!


Coolness, graphed.

The Mass Effect honest trailer. Fair warning, superfans.

Jason Feathers, De Oro. The new collab project from Bon Iver + Astronautalis is streaming on Pitchfork. That first track punched me in the face.

Mixtape of the week: The Hood Internet, VIII. My favorite number.

The 2014 Fall Movie Guide. Bookmarked!

Someone ate this.

X-ray gifs.

The Ghostbusters ride that never was. There's still time!

Animated Dr. Who is a thing I would watch. There's still time!

Do you guys have the chutzpah for Silent Motherf*ng Hills? Me? NOPE.

I can think of at least 2 people at Game Informer HQ who would ride this to work every day, if given the chance.

Uncle George is writing a kids book, like you do when you're a serial mass murderer with page deadlines on the highest-grossing fantasy franchise of the year.

Are you all caught up on the best show on television Orphan Black? Great, then this link is for you! Spoilers ahoy.

Norm MacDonald pays tribute to Robin Williams. Oh, that's sweet.

App of the week: Cross Fingers.


Supermoon, 2014.

Aquaman LIVES. All my prayers have been answered.

NBD just doing a little work on top of the John Hanncock building.

The Babadook was the scariest thing at Sundance this year. Where can I preorder tix?!

NeoGAF'rs turned modern games into classics with a very high success rate.

The trailer for Houdini, starring Adrien Brody.

Ambient sounds playlist. Night night zzz.