Have a good weekend!


Best tees are best.

Video games: then vs. now.

GRRM and his toys. Très brilliant.

A snappier looking, wearable bike lock.

The Onion takes on the internet with Clickhole. That name.

Jack White on the subject of 7 Nation Army. More of this, please.

Game of Zelda. This has been out for 3 days and still hasn't gone viral. Get on this, internet!

Aaron Paul, you can turn on my Xbox One whenever you want. There, now it's official.

Facist. I am definitely some kind of pagan, horned deity.

Failed high-fives. Never gets old.

Fetch. Watch this to the end.

Whoa Wushu!

Realistic Batman.


Jackie Chan really is a bad a$$.

The trailer for Birdman made me stop in my tracks.

NASA developed some designs for a FTL ship nbd. Shiny!

News from the future past: mind-controlled exo-skeleton kicks off the World Cup.

The first images from Jurassic World have emerged (which looks a lot like ermahgerd, random).

Amazon is now streaming music. Prime: the gift that keeps on giving.

Conan The Clueless takes on Smash Bros. and it's precious.

29 things you probably don’t know about Star Wars.

This tweet is just so sad.

These job titles.


Happy Father's Day.