Have a good weekend!


Star Trek: de-shaked.

Early Apple prototypes are a gas.

Human-sized photo prints for $25? Are you even kidding me?!

The trailer for the new flick How We Got To Now starring Tina Fey and everybody.

This is your friendly reminder that if you buy Mario Kart 8 you get a free game! Now through July.

Here’s a Q&A with E, the Eels frontman, on their surprise collab with Steve Perry last weekend.

Did you know that Jeff Goldblum plays a weekly jazz show? Secretcrush revealed.

London’s narrowest house is for sale for a mere $750k.

9 kinds of coffee addicts we all know and love.

The $54 dollar Starbucks heart-attack.

X-Men mutant children IRL.

How to do visual comedy. Shawn!

This is only, like, MY WORST NIGHTMARE.

I am kind of in love with these salt-wash striped Jack Purcells.

Kids reacting to my first computer. You’re ruining my childhood, you little heathens!

I was going to link to the Reading Rainbow kickstarter, and before I got to they annihilated their goal. What great news! If you need a good kick in the feels watch this thank you note from LaVar Burton. SNIFF!

I’m sure I don’t know how I missed this Thing on the internet a few months ago, but somehow I did and without warning I was laughing so hard I was crying in bed. Too funny. #tmyk

This guy’s stop-motion video inserting cartoons into real life is just the thing.

Behind those incredible, picture-perfect Mad Men sets.

Your life in weeks. Well that’s something right there.

Time-waster of the week: TwoDots.

L+Z 4ever.

If dogs could tweet.

Oh man, being 5 is the hardest.

Stargate is getting a reboot. How are we all feeling about this?

Leaving you with original ET sketches would have scarred you for life.