Have a good weekend!


Benedict Cumbercats. #5 tho.

Jurassic Vinyl. Amber, of course it's amber.

The luckiest unlucky man to ever live. Meet Frane Selak.

Inside the fridges of 11 top chefs.

The honest trailer for Skyrim.

A little thing hiding in Pixar movies.

9 photos from the National Geographer Traveler photo contest.

Relics of technology. Remember the mimeograph? Does anyone still use those? Ahh, that smell.

Bryan Cranston doesn't know what badonkadonk means. Omg, this is so precious.

Who has the largest vocabulary in hip hop? The answer may surprise you.

I have no issues with walking on this.

10 houses you can rent on Airbnb.

Someone ate this. No words.

*blink, blink*


Nearly headless Nick. #7

How does that whole getting a tattoo thing work?

When a website forces me to create a password with really strict password requirements...

Netflix IRL. Thankgod for internet anonymity (confession: I recently Netflix'd a shall-remain-unnamed pop diva's tour movie :( ... )

Wonder no more: the editors of American Scholar have chosen the 10 Best Sentences.

A trailer has surfaced for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. I'd see this.

The meandering Mississippi.

How gamers eat their food?