Have a good weekend!


Files and stuff and life.

Be still my heart. Just what I needed this morning.

How a simple error could have toppled a NYC skyscraper.

If Westeros were more like Google Maps. Can’t. Stop. Clicking.

Could you live in 84 sq. ft.? A lot nicer than some dorm rooms I’ve lived in.

One-star book reviews. “Even if you read this book 500 times, it has always the same plot line.”

Mad Men’s Matthew Weiner on Vincent Kartheiser and Pete Campbell.

Held my breath almost the entire time I watched this footage.

Here are some wallpaper backgrounds for your phone.

Pilots with GoPros. Watch on an empty stomach.


Fiction IRL. Love this.

What if Wes Anderson directed Forest Gump?

The trailer for this scary movie looks really, really scary!

Summer movie preview 2014. *texting friends, making plans*

Ghost towns of WoW. Logged into LOTRO last weekend and it was this. Made me sad. The end.

The hilarious list of video games hollywood is trying to make into movies.

Yesterday the Internet said 'thank you' for Brazil's World Cup logo.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel is on the way.

Timewaster of the day: Super Planet Crash.


Baldy the dwarf? NOPE.

It's official: Shaq has the best LinkedIn profile.

The trailer for The Portal is delightful. Hey, I know that guy!