Have a good weekend!


Star Wars & Marvel got into a fight on twitter. That's all you need to know.

I don't know if I'm into this new trend of releasing Super Bowl ads before the day, but the new Budweiser ad did make me rub my eyes. And Tom Hiddleston in a Jaguar ad? K yeap bring it.

Newcastle made a Super---- ad that might be better than the real thing.

Now we know what Middle Earth would look like from space.

Secret ice caves: revealed. Thanks Polar Vortex!

12 things you didn't know about Pixar.

This photo is so very, very British.

Kickstarter of the month. Gimme.

FRIENDS with no laugh track. No.

A volcanic eruption as seen from space.

This Delta in-flight safety vid is...so...so...unexpected.

4 million songs have never been played on Spotify. Someone listen to them!

<watches this video><cancels Titanfall pre-order><places Titanfall .fr pre-order>

Did you guys know Bill Hader can do these Star Wars impressions? Best dinner party trick ever.

Google glass gets some help in the style department, but I'm still not on-board.

What you are about to see cannot be unseen: reverse eating. I warned you.

Judging books by their covers: US vs. UK. Fight!

A brief history of music sampling.

Han was always my favorite <3.

A Sly Cooper movie trailer!

Global ocean currents. K.

Modern day Ghostbusters.

Online pizza trackers in a nutshell.

LEGO green lit a fan created project. And the winner is...

Watch the 80s and 00s skeletor voice actors play with their toys. Dudes.

Pokecrossing! Does anyone have pull at Nintendo to make this a thing? Please?

Filing away how to take the bitter out of coffee like I'll ever remember that at zZz o'clock in the morning.