Can you guess what franchise game I bought this week that I've never before touched?

If you guess Pokemon (X) you win the prize!

I've played approximately 20 minutes and am ready for someone to explain what's next. You win the grand prize if your answer contains words like, "kitten-like" and "fuzzy hair coming out of its ears" and "cutest pokemon ever in the history of ever." I'm definitely okay with hunting a fuzzy little creature vaguely resembling that.


GIF of the week.

Costume owners at home.

The world's strangest airports. Gulp!

Wes Anderson's next horror movie. God yes.

OSU won the internet this week with their halftime show.

What's the internal temperature of a tauntaun? I'm a year late on this joke. I've let you down.

Had lunch with a gamer friend today and he told me about a "Jane Austen MMO in development". I didn't believe him, and oh what a fool I was. The internet has a place for everything, indeed.

New game: how many weeks in a row can I link to Tom Hiddleston? This week he's vampy and I am more than okay with this.

People sleep on these things, and zomg somebody sleeps in a t-rex head!

Men styled like pedigree dogs. Yeap, that's what I said.

The most determined mouse in the world.

Fur markings full of win.

The Star Wars blooper reel.

Star Wars has infiltrated the one place you'd never expect.

I thought Star Wars & LOTR lego figures had done it all, but I was wrong.

Mr. Men + Game of Thrones. What a great mashup, I was obsessed with those books as a kid!

Adorable halloween cartoons so adorable you still get this link after halloween..

Pixar characters inserted into your favorite video games.

The "X-Men: Days of Future Past" trailer. These are never on my radar, and then I always end up enjoying 'em on DVD. Gonna try to break the cycle here.

Everyday objects as art. You know me, I love this delightful business.

This guy's useless talent is better than your real talent.

Aliens all day and night.

Awkward superhero moments are awkward.

Your new desktop background(s) of the week: ROBOTS.

The movie trailer on everyone's lips this week: THE LEGO MOVIE!

Is this the most unsettling Pokemon? No, but now he is thanks to the Internet!

Did you hear the good news? You can play your favorite video games on flights, uninterrupted.

Wait, a game where you're the alien invader?! I'd play that!

The mystery of the mystery-flavored dum dum: unraveled!

One MEELLION balls!