You guys, Rockstar sucks.

GTA has never really been on my radar. I played some of the old franchise installments but they were never really my thing. They were....fine? I guess?

Omg this is where I'm going to get an inbox full of hate mail but stay with me for a few more seconds...

Then Rockstar had to go and release that online play video and now I'm in. Ohmygod I am so in. I haven't pre-ordered but yeah, I'm officially on the GTA V train. Looks fantastic.


All the superpowers!

Adam Savage...what's in your bag, baby?

Desktop(s) of the week. Too good to pick just one.

The surprising ages of the Founding Fathers. Yeap, consider me surprised.

This is a good solution to the ol' "Where the $@*!!! is my flash drive?" problem.

QOTD: What movie have you watched a thousand times and will never stop? Mine hovers somewhere between Real Genius, Shaun of the Dead, Ghostbusters, Amelie, and LOTR.

Woody Allen: What I've learned.

Music video of the week: Too Philosophical.

The captions on these images are my everything today.

The trailer for George Clooney's next directorial effort: The Monuments Men.

The toughest animal on the planet is not the honey badger.

Charlie Brown + The Smiths lyrics somehow works.

There's a new trailer for '300: Rise Of An Empire.'

if Disney princesses had Instagram.

Curiosity's first year on Mars.



Orson being Orson.

Video game diorama art contest. Oooooh!

Touching things after eating Cheetos. All the cheetos!

A size comparison chart of everything that matters. Click to embiggen.

Which D&D character am I? If you make it through this entire list, you win the prize.

I'd write a summary for this link but I'm too busy breaking into a million pieces of AWWW.

Weirdest thing I've seen this week? This ad. Best thing I've seen this week? Maybe the hipster troll carwash.

A guide to this fall's sci-fi & fantasy TV.

Childhood == ruined. You've been warned.