It's been a week since I got Animal Crossing and Rivendel is turning into quite the cheerful little village!

I got a wetsuit, I got an insane bomber jacket design from Mayor Sticky of Mewton, and I have more bugs in my museum than I know what to do with. Seriously, who goes to the museum to see bugs?!

Have a good weekend!


If superheroes were on Instagram.

GoT vs. Star Wars floats straight to the top of my list.

TwoTWO!, new trailers for "Gravity" this week. Goosebumps.

The boss came into the office wearing this tee the other day and I was reminded how much I love it.

Cat sees owners after 6 month leave.  Le yes.

Because I'm twelve. NSFW

This photo, I can't deal.

Free music mix of the week: Chirp's Summer Mix.

More free music: this mixtape from Arca, a producer on Yeezus.

Thing the office got into a fight about this week: which robot to rule them all?

This is a good thread: What features in games make you ask 'How the hell did this mechanic make it into the final game?!'

People holding pix of themselves from their awkward years. This pic would be mine. Seriously, that was me.

This looks like a fun adventure: the WA State Fire Lookout Project.

Crowd-funding project of the week: Canary.

Rejoice! Gandalf lives!

Video game logic.

It's hard being a superhero!

You guys, there are some heinous rumors going around concerning the new Star Wars movie and possible cast additions...

Man accidentally photobombs proposal, instantly becomes meme because it's 2013.

Delivering a dinosaur to the Boston Museum of Science like you do.

The most awkward of all the dinner parties.

The most annoying of all the ringtones.

The making of a Steinway piano.

Passport photos of some famous people.