Only have a minute to chat because it's my day off and I am just out the door to pick up my spankin' new, red 3DS XL! Gotta get Lamaville up and running in AC later today because priorities.


Have a good weekend everyone!


Josh Duhamel, CHECK ME OUT.

The best opening paragraph on Wikipedia OF ALL TIME.

As a general rule pranks make me cringe, but this one really made me laugh out loud.

GoT characters get 80s & 90s makeovers. I know I know, I'm finally linking to this.

Wrap yourself in some phat loot.


Epic dunkage.

Superheroes: past & present.

I've been playing the crap out of this adorable iOS game this week.

Have you been watching this season of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee? It's fantastic.

King Joffrey cuddling a puppy is what the internet needed after 3 seasons of GoT. So cute!

A classic cuz I need some cute this Friday morning: foxes learning to jump on a trampoline.

Better Off Spread. Best product name of all time. Also? Looks tasty!

Huge algae bloom befouls coast of China. Whoa, mouthful.

A "How to Train Your Dragon 2" teaser trailer!

Surrealist architecture that will melt your brain.

Would you press the button?


'80s news in a nutshell.

Now you know what a $14k chair looks like.

Fill in the blank: __________'s head on Disney Princesses. Oh, okay.

Beer posters! Because I don't give you guys enough kitchen decor ideas.

Because you always wanted to know what NYC would look like if dropped in the Grand Canyon.

Hey you, what song are you listening to? I'm so glad i'm not the only one wondering this! I think about it constantly.

How Man of Steel should have ended. Spoiler alert!

Awkward engagement photos. Since we're on a roll of classic links today.

The 1-minute stopwatch game. Can you hit 1 min exactly? Gah! 1:00:02.

Nap on a skyscraper.

Desk safari. Oh you, office hijinks.

Incident Report for Case #2013-212633.