In the office already this morning and hard at work on our August issue. Are you excited to see what's comin' next week? You should be!

Happy long-weekend everyone!


The 99 everyday problems of your favorite rapper.

Book titles missing 1 letter.

Cabin In The Woods to become...a Universal attraction?

This guy wins whatever award streakers win if there was a streaker award.

Watch these actors perform their very own stunts. Reminds me I need more Jason Statham movies in my life.

This first-person parkour video makes me happy I have a desk job. Whatever, judge me if you want.

This Heavy Metals tee is pretty geeky, even for me.

This teacher wore the same thing for yearbook photos for 40 years. That's commitment.

You guys, stop what you're doing for this link because Sharknado is coming next week!

This guy spent 2 years chasing San Francisco fog to make this video.

An open letter to the worst wax museum in America.

The blog of "unnecessary" "quotation marks".

This amazing English book will help you never.

This woman is my new spirit animal.

Kids getting sunscreen applied to them.

I guess people weren't too happy about this coloring book.

These garden gnomes will set your house apart.

The different types of sleepers.

20 useless facts.

Ultimate Breakout.

21 signs you're dating me.

So uh, this just happened in Paris.

A Character I Used To Know. *tear!*

This guy's street art is something. I like the robots.

How to fold a shirt in under 2 seconds. Maybe it's just me, but pulling a shirt out of the dryer and folding it the old fashioned way seems faster.

How certain low-cost airlines see their passengers.

Walking Kart.