So, how about that E3 eh? My thoughts, in no particular order:

  • Wait, YOU'RE WHAT?!
  • OMG
  • &*@#$!
  • [clicks pre-order]
  • [re-watches trailer for the 3rd time]

You guys, I reeeeeallllly wanted to love the Xbox One. I tried! I really did. But we are just not a good match so I went ahead and pre-ordered the PS4.

The biggest bummer is that I won't get to play next-gen Titanfall, but that has to be my #1 most-anticipated game so I definitely won't miss it on the 360. After that? I was wow'd by Destiny, The Division, and Infamous. So excited. 


This guy showed his dad pix of Game of Thrones chars and asked him to name them: the results.

A new Elysium trailer to knock your socks off.

Comedians in cars getting coffee. I'd watch this.

GRRM drops some serious Game of Thrones spoilers. HE WOULD.

Fave headline of the week: DJ Hodor is in the Hodor (pic).

25 reasons adulthood does not suck. #3 amen.

What's the deal with butter coffee? Maybe it's the Wisconsin in me, but I totally want to try this.

NBD but it's only Peter Dinklage who is the voice actor for your companion in Destiny. /fangirlfaint

This game on Steam will set you back a cool $90. Wait, WHAT.

Another round of famous photos as selfies.

Creative ad writing ftw.

Feline attraction.

Well, if this isn't the cutest darned birdhouse I've ever seen.

Toddler gets to meet Iron Man!...proceeds to have a meltdown when some dude in jeans shows up.

Did you know the GoT opening credits has lyrics? NSFW. And now STUCKINMYHEAD.

The first trailer for the Hobbit 2 has surfaced!

Meme of the week: John Ive redesigns things. *snort*

Free mashup of the month: the Beastie Boys + The Beatles.

The first trailer for the follow-up to "300" has emerged. Ermahgerd Cersei!

Daft Punk through the decades. I'd pay for a whole album of '30s.

Desktop wallpaper(s) of the week: Game of Clones.

The PS4 is...TINY? Is this true?!

Relevant this weekend: the evolution of Superman's shield.

10 creepy video game urban legends.

Newer Super Mario Bros. +128 levels!

This bonkers video of a massive supercell storm in TX is bonkers.

12 weird moments from Superman: The Movie. Ruining my childhood on bullet point at a time. Totes weird!

How common is your birthday? Pretty common, apparently.

These vidgame heroes have never been more adorable.