Alright alright fine, after I wreck the final Borderlands 2 DLC with my brother we'll put the game down for something else. What fantastic co-op game should be at the top of our list? I need some solid recommendations cuz like, I have Halo 4 and it sounds sorta fun I guess, but I'm just not soooooold that it's the best one out there. Ya'know?

A little help would be much appreciated. Links and awkward high-fives for good responses!


Facebook...in your house.

The most complicated board game ever. A lot funnier than I thought it was gonna be.

Do a google image search for: atari breakout.

Slothy art has stolen my heart.

Well, isn't this awkward.

Downton Diddy.

These 11 year olds are metal as f*ck.

This janitor has quite the after-hours gig.

The spankin' new Pacific Rim trailer. Homg yes.

The first trailer for "Riddick"! Vin giving me eyes + Starbuck? GIMME.

Everything wrong with Jurassic Park in 3 minutes or less. Jurassic Park I still love you.

The first trailer for "Gravity" hit and I already know I'll be digging my nails into something while watching it in the theater.

Here's what you didn't know about the Men of Game of Thrones.

Sad cat diary. My cat is sad he couldn't be a part of this video.

Classic Gatsby set to the modern soundtrack.

This cartoon amuses me so much.

If you're like me and think the new Daft Punk album is more like a Daft Snooze album, then you'll probably find this video mildly amusing too.

Saul Bass style Game of Thrones posters.

My neighbor peanut. Any Miyazaki fans here?

This is the shirt I wore to Star Trek last night. Humina humina.

The rumors are true: you really can buy anything on the internet.

Better names for things. Earth fur!

Marioshock Infinite.

Avengers cats! Caption Ameowica, heh.

The crumbling remains of Tattooine as documented by one photog.

There's a huge sales on video games at Amazon today. Go!

Stormtrooper aprons for the grillmaster in your life.

Desktop Of The Week.