Hey guess what...I have tomorrow off so surprise! Friday links a full day early. I am a giver, what can I say.

It was spring in Minnesota this week so I did almost zero gaming (except for Borderlands 2 clearly). I know the burning question on your mind is all, "KRIEG?!" Gotta say I'm 101% happy with my siren and have absolutey none zero zilch desire to play through the game a 5th time. Saving myself for Tiny Tina's DLC.


Defaced textbooks. Neandertallica!

Stress vs. time while playing Snake. Truth.

Spock vs. Spock.

Steampunk weapons are useless against __________.

The Last Ship. Blah blah Michael Bay blah omg virus plague I HAVE TO SEE THIS.

Jimmy Fallon and John Krasinski had a lip-sync-off this week and Teenage Dream does it for me? Who knew?!

Booker has quite the appetite. Yeah that was weird right? I knew I didn't need the hot dog from some crispy corpse's pocket but I couldn't stop! I ate them every time!

Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal. Diva.

Supercell thunderstorm cloud over Montana.

CORRECTION: Commander Riker sits down like a BOSS.

3D latte art. I feel like my life is never going to be the same after seeing this.

Princes Peachring.

Horror icons in lighthearted movies.

The trailer for Simon Pegg's newest movie "The World's End."

Warner Bros. is gonna make a Dungeons & Dragons film?! GODYESPLEASE.

Fartscroll. I desperately want to embed this on every hub page on the GI site.

The honest trailer for Star Trek ... Winona Ryder is still working?

Soviet-propaganda inspired Star Wars posters.

Early Atari designs. #16 you are my #1.

Batman, 1966.

The first trailer for "Ender's Game." First.

Nathan Fillion stealing Zelda away from Link? He would!

How historical figures might look today. Shakespeare as a hipster, totally.

Game of Game of Thrones. Jamie Lannister aka Mah Future Husband swoon.

SNL tackles Google Glass. Nailed it.