Last weekend I sat down in front of Bioshock Infinite and didn't get up until my mind was blown. So, so good.

This weekend I won't have much time to game, oddly, but I will try to squeeze in some Bioshock replay (sue me, I need more detail!) and definitely some Borderlands 2 (sue me, can't stop won't stop).


My favorite link this week: box art battle.

Worst bandit ever.

Unfortunate ad placements.

Google Maps has a new mode: treasure map.

What if Game of Thrones chars were on Facebook?

The honest trailer for Jurassic Park 3D. Oh gosh I love when the banner is falling in front of the T-Rex too and that moment is so great and yeap.

Infomercial GIFs, cuz real life is hrd.

Can you find Waldo?

Baseball teams get a font makeover. April Fool!

Trailer for "A Single Shot." This movie looks like something.

Maybe the new trailer for "Carrie" is more your style. Chloe Moretz!

10 fantastic Late Night With Jimmy Fallon moments.

The Chickeneers. Cuz everyone knows the song but doesn't know the words, right?

How far is it to Mars? Gonna need to invest more money in that teleportation devi$e.

A heaping helping of deleted scenes from The Avengers.

Roger Ebert's 20 best reviews.

25 noteworthy songs of 2013.

The guy who made new-XCOM meets the guy who made old-XCOM for the first time. Jake Solomon, let's share a beer.

New Ben & Jerry's flavors for 2013.

Work. Home. Bed.

Zombie slippers.

Best kid toy ever. I kind of wish this wasn't an April Fool's joke.

Little Golden video game books. I remember these! <3

This week's installment of: a new wallpaper for your computer.

The musical easter eggs in Bioshock Infinite. Bioshock Infinite's Tained Love is my new ringtone and now everybody is jealous of my phone.