So. BioShock Infinite?

I kept telling myself I probably wouldn't like it, and to play other stuff instead, and that really? steampunk? gosh I don't knowwww... Then yesterday I threw all my money at 2K realizing I've been living in a dream this entire time and Margaret pre-order the stupid game already.

I suspect I won't be the only one in the office receiving a package Tuesday.

That's all I got for ya. Basically there is Tuesday and "it's not Tuesday when is it gonna be Tuesday is it Tuesday yet? how about now is it Tuesday now?" between now and then.


You know the music in the Bioshock Infinite commercials? Here's that track.

Did you know Chipotle has secret-menu items? The Quesarito looks damn tasty.

Steam is having a jumbo sale.

Lost in translation. For especially difficult children.

Louis C.K. is everything. Ever had one of these days?

When my green shell actually hits someone in Mario Kart.

Another another another Star Trek trailer. This one shows stuff!

Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon go to summer camp. I kind of wish these two had their own variety show.

But maybe you'd rather watch them do the fourth installment of The History of Rap. Worth watching just for their Slick Rick.

A new Vampire Weekend tune.

Have you ever seen a more perfect Vader tee?

Only a couple hours left to back the Story War Kickstarter! Go!

The answer to the question on everyone's mind. Heh, had you going there for a second didn't I?

Everything wrong with Battleship in 6 mins. Hey I know this movie is all kinds of wrong but it's still easy on the eyes.

March madness: the best sci-fi show of all time and a Star Wars char tournament.

Sponsored superheroes.

Have you been watching Penny Arcade's reality contest "Strip Search"? I wasn't, but now people are getting eliminated and it's fantastic.

Game of Thrones as a cheesy 90s cable series. BRB, have to run myself a bubble bath and turn on some Richard Marx.

This is what happens when you teach the boss how to dance.

Goldeneye IRL. Ha. Hahahah. Cat fight!

Wonder Woman brings it.

SPOILER ALERT: All the secrets of Game of Thrones season 3 trailer revealed. If you haven't read the books, walk away.

Could a Game of Thrones prequel be in the works? I believe I speak for every fan when I say: uuuuugggnhghhhn.