Sorry guys, I feel pretty bad about missing our recurring Friday Links date (but I promise it was for a good reason). To make up for my absence, of which I have the utmost certainly ruined your weekend, here's a baby batch.

Regular posting to resume this Friday. See you then.


Threadless is unloading piles and piles of tees for $10 this week.

FINALLY! A new Game of Thrones trailer showing actual plot.

Macklemore + The Nerdist = <3

Doggy speed-dating.

A perfect dramatization of what it's like when I want my boyfriend to wake up.

This dog snores like Donald Duck.

For the bargain price of $50 million you can live in Bob Hope's UFO house. Yeah but, that fireplace is bigger than my entire apartment.

This video made entirely of royalty free stock video footage is incredible.

The Matrix in 60 seconds. Far more adorable than I thought possible.

Time-waster of the day: the browser game Simian.