Not too much to catch up on this week: spent time dreaming about the new Xbox, spent time wishing I could play God of War: Ascension, spent time (I wish I could have back) watching Lindsay Lohan in that horrible Elizabeth Taylor miniseries, and this morning while my boyfriend thought I was getting ready for work I was actually spending time in Halo 4.

My life is complex on so many levels.


This is your friendly reminder that Daylight Savings is Sunday.

The Walking Dead got the SNL treatment last weekend.

Game of Thrones faceswaps. How could they miss Hodor?!

The Hold Steady & The National are recording songs for Game of Thrones.

An extended Game of Thrones season 3 trailer. Yeap, I'm just going to keep posting all these GoT links till the new season starts.

Toad without his hat is...special.

An extended "Iron Man 3" trailer!

Well...that's one way to clear a roof.

This 6-year old would kick my ass on the street. And yours too.

Mila Kunis gives good interview.



Local news captions. Hmm, I wonder what mine would be.

The BadLipReading of "The Amazing Spider-Man" is perfect.

Arty animated GIFs. Very nice, but I think I prefer the old fashioned kind.

"West End Bestiary" art exhibit whhhhhhat.

The Super-Diver.

How do these people live together?

This horn would be the perfect accessory for my bike.

The Shetland Pony mixer. At first I was all ".......???," and then I was all "@#$*!&!!!!!!"

Dead Pool-Aid.

Cat vidz. Not what you think.

Unicorn hoof boots. I'm so very sorry for this.

Thing I listened to this week: the new Phoenix jam.

Song currently holding the title for Best Mashup of the Year: Call me a hole.

This guy's gaming room. I mean this in the nicest way possible: I sincerely wonder how that affects his dating life?

Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill on board for the next Star Wars movie? <no comment>

Kickstarter of the moment: The 10-year hoodie.

Speaking of fashion, now you, too, can dress like Isaac Clark.