We're in the final stages of wrapping up the April issue so this week has been a bit on the busy side. The result? I only played 1 game and it's one I played at 11:30 each night in bed. Party!

This morning I checked and it looks like my Dead Space-buddy is lined up and ready to go for the weekend. I'm much better about taking down aliens when someone else is the tank. But then again, who isn't?


You had one job! Guaranteed to make you feel better about your day.

Scenes from a programmer's life. This actually made me laugh out loud.

A Game of Thrones season 3 trailer finally arrived. Like, a real one!

Joe Biden released his official portrait this week. Thank goodness the internet was there to fix it.

Scientifically accurate Spiderman. Thing that once seen cannot be unseen.

Story War: The storytelling party game. I want to play this.

Koopa: it's what's for dinner.

This guy is cataloging loads of Sega art for you to behold. For example, whatthehell is going on here?

Killer pic of the week, partie un.

Killer pic of the week, partie deux.

If you are afraid of flying, definitely oogle over these these runways.

Movie: The Movie: 2V. Thank you Jimmy Kimmel!

Google glasses IRL? Uh, NSFW.

Cylon engagement ring. Holy frak!

Jetpacks solve everything. So does cake.

Would you go to Mars for a year and a half with your significant other? Um, not without a stream of every game known to man and a cash reward and cake.

Curiosity took a selfie.

Dino-free workplace.

15 celebrities you might not know are twins.

10 great music-inspired posters. I verynearlyalmost bought #5.

A day in the life of the guy who runs Pixar.

New 'Oblivion' trailer. I originally typed "oblivious" and am now wondering if the universe is trying to give me a sign...

There was a contest to name one of Pluto's moons and ___________ won, obviously.

I can't stop thinking about this question: which video game would you want on your desert island?  Seriously, how do you pick just one? Knee-jerk response: Super Mario 64.

News anchor can't make it through this story without having a complete meltdown.

Dr. Seuss had a few form letters for responding to fans.



Cloudy with a chance of dragons. Epic GoT ad takes over NYT.