Why wait till Friday for this week's installment of Time-wasters At Work? If your office is anything like mine today it's crazy quiet and ripe for some pre-vacation jollies.

I actually have this idea for a Thanksgiving-themed photo I will attempt to construct tomorrow and was going to deliver to you guys Friday (with your links), but ack ... *pressure*! If I pull it off you can have it next week, deal? Here's a hint: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, corn pudding, cranberry compote (yuck!, but still very pretty), piiiiieeeee mmm pie.


Mustaches make a difference.


Hatching an evil plan.

Need Christmas gift ideas for someone who likes gadgets? This gadget guide is not a bad primer.

Retro game-of-the-month club wants your money.

Teaser trailer for the short film "2088". Oh yeah, show me more.

Your favorite Woot! shirts came out of retirement. So many good ones.

Germany’s new egg-shaped 18-story Tree Top Walk is delightful.

Trailer for "Jack and the Giant Slayer". I feel nothing.

This 72-year old grandfather posing in teenage girls' clothes has officially become a thing. To be clear, it's for his granddaughter's female fashion store. Awww.

The skateboarding documentary "Bones Brigade" is getting the most amazing reviews. Related: I feel old now.

Futuristic European cities that never existed.

Sound-recording for the movie "Lincoln." Fascinating!

What does 20th century Mondrian art have in common with 21st century video game music? Stuff.

What happens when Psy & MC Hammer take the stage together? Internetexplode.

This Avengers sketch from SNL last weekend is perfect.

My Little Lord of the Rings. Sorry guys, I won't ever stop posting these cuz they're adorable.

Alright alright fine. To make up for making it through that last link I present you a classic Robot Chicken sketch.

"Air Force Gator." But you guys already have this, don't you?

Grumpy kitteh is grumpy!

A tour of the world's narrowest house. All I can think of when I look at those pictures is: where would all my computers / video games / photography gear go?

Made it to the final Twilight film last weekend (so horrible, I can't even tell you) and was treated to this trailer for the upcoming zombie flick "Warm Bodies". I love seeing crappy movies, but the movie studios might finally have revealed my limit.